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In over 12+ states and quickly expanding. Their super smart AI technology analyzes the roof, how much sunlight it gets and homeowner’s energy usage and creates a custom solar quote and design. 

Boston, Massachusetts, December 29, 2022, Solar power has been around since before 1883, when New York inventor Charles Fritts created the first solar cell by coating selenium with a thin layer of gold. Fritts reported that the selenium module produced a current “that is continuous, constant, and of considerable force.”

Solar technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. It has become the differentiating factor in which companies will dominate the field. Mona Lee has been at the forefront of solar technological advancements. By using only Top Tier Certified Equipment, they are able to offer the Mona Lee Guarantee:

  • Equipment & Labor: Inverters, solar panels, panel performance & labor will be covered for 25 years.
  • Dedicated Mona Lee Rep: Mona Lee will manage everything from permitting, installation, warranties, and other issues for 25 years.
  • Peace of Mind: They offer an additional 2 million dollar coverage on top of the manufacturer warranty to ensure that there will be no issues for 25 years.

Mona Lee is disrupting the solar industry by using AI technology that utilizes millions of different data points to give clients the most optimal system for their roof. Their proprietary AI software reduces the cost of going solar on average by 50% by optimizing the sunlight on the roof and cutting out the commission-based salespeople with one low hassle-free online quote. They will handle everything from design, permitting, site survey, and installation.

For complete information, visit:  https://monalee.co/

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