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“Criminal Tendencies” is based on the true story of Salvatore Luzani, who went from an almost normal high-school student in the suburbs to forming his own paramilitary “crew” and climbing the ladder to become a Top Tier Drug Dealer. He was not shy about taking on any enemy, including the Mob. 

Orlando, Florida, December 31, 2022, Steve Stanley’s new book release, Criminal Tendencies: The Salvatore Luzani Story, is based on the true story of the notorious Salvatore Luzani. Readers are given a glimpse of what it is like to go on a journey to become a drug dealer and climb the ladder to the top tier level, all without being eliminated by various criminal types.

Make no mistake about it, this is a book for adults, as it describes the violence that accompanies the drug dealing profession. Sal Luzani had a pretty normal upbringing in the suburbs of New York, until he realized that his key to riches may just be drug dealing. The author has a unique writing style wherein his main character speaks directly to the reader explaining everything that is happening in his journey to the top of the drug trade.

It is not often that one hears about a criminal with nine lives, as he manages to defeat his enemies. Sal’s success was due to his organizational prowess which enabled him to put together a crew of ex-military trained killers who were willing to take on all comers, including the mob. Readers will be amazed at how quickly Sal was able to build a reputation that kept many of his competitors at bay. He never thought that a girlfriend would bring him down.

The author details all of the events that transformed this kid from the suburbs into a professional criminal. Sal had the ability to learn what he needed to excel in his new life, including how to build silencers. It is easy to see that Sal enjoyed his chosen path until he found himself in the slammer facing murder charges and the death penalty.

Sal always knew he had Criminal Tendencies, and it had been documented via psychological exams, but he was losing control of them. People have died, and Sal was tried for 2-counts of First Degree Murder and Acquitted. One would think that his experience would be enough to straighten him out, but he constantly found himself doing things that were illegal, and he found them exciting and a challenge.

While awaiting his trials, Sal became an infamous Jailhouse Lawyer. He was responsible for gaining freedom for at least 50 pre-trial detainees. His jailhouse clients included mob figures, and others, who became indebted to him. The Salvatore Luzani Story lives on to this day with his endless exploits.

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