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Create visually effective presentations that sell the idea and influence the audience. “Persuasive PowerPoint” aims to bring practical relief to the millions of people struggling daily with corporate communication in the form of presentations. The best way to learn presentation building is by emulating. Proven blueprints to craft compelling narratives. In 100% editable PowerPoint objects. 

Zurich, Switzerland, January 4, 2023, Corporate communication is demanding and challenging. Employees are expected to both verbalize and visualize abstract concepts, create compelling sales and marketing collateral, pitch ideas, structure persuasive proposals, plan projects and much, much more.

Not everyone is an orator or has the skills to create compelling, professional looking presentations from scratch. That is why emulating existing content is one of the best ways to learn. This is also the reason why the eBook was written in PowerPoint (with 100% editable visuals) as it gives readers, the presenter, the possibility of deconstructing and reverse-engineering the examples and content provided in the book.

The market is abundant with literature that either provides endless PPT (PowerPoint) templates, or on the other end of the spectrum, books on presenting. The former is like going into a hardware store without a blueprint on how to build a house, and the latter already assumes the house has been built.

Both types of material serve a purpose in their own right, but looking at the market, it’s clear that there’s a content gap that is needed to bridge these two opposite ends. This eBook aims to fill this gap by providing actual case studies and real examples that can be repurposed and reimagined to support the presenter’s different communication needs.

This eBook isn’t about creating beautiful slides, it’s about creating well-structured, visually effective, and professional presentations that sell ideas and influence the audience.

The best way to learn presentation building is by emulating. Proven blueprints to craft compelling narratives. In 100% editable PowerPoint objects.

  • Product Presentations: Deconstruct the logic behind real product presentations to see how one can use conceptual visuals to sell products more effectively.
  • Persuasive Proposals: Use proven approaches to build a compelling package that combines solution-focused content with clear visuals under a single cohesive idea.
  • Company Presentations: Stand out from the competition by creating company presentations that inspire action and capture the raison d’être of why a person does what they do.
  • Project Templates: Define and document the idea into a qualified and presentable project designed to convince executives, stakeholders, and organizations alike.
  • Keynote Presentations: Create visual concepts that bring ideas to life and strengthen key messages to increase the impact on one’s audience.
  • Tips & Tricks: Learn simple techniques to make presentations easier to understand, more memorable and captivate minds.

Readers can get all the experience, gained from over 10 years of presentation building earned the hard way, distilled into one comprehensive PowerPoint eBook. No image editing skills needed – simply pick and choose what is needed.

For complete information, visit:  https://www.persuasivepowerpoint.com/

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