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Lincoln, Nebraska, January 22, 2023, Places is a new app that shows users what cities are doing, with highly accurate place-based data. Places is built on an advanced mobile geofence system, that logs data from every single place in every town and city in the U.S. It then uses this data to give users an overview of what’s going on in those towns and cities. Places is the first ever mobile polygon geofence system.

Places is not just a check-in or geofence system, but a whole new system to process check-in data. It provides a range of statistics about each town and city, including a comparison of check-ins to other cities, a comparison of check-ins between different place types and more. The goal of Places goal is to help users see what’s going on in every town and city in the world, and even experience them from their homes.

Places provides more than data. With its system, it allows users to create posts for different place types, restaurants, cafes, clubs, theaters, etc. These posts are really valuable when mixed with the data it provides.

In Places, however, viewing this data and media requires users to have credits, which users can obtain by checking into places. But they only have 1 hour to view the data and media after checking in.

Places really does show users what’s going on in towns and cities, and not just a few or a fraction of them, but every single one in a country. Speaking of countries, Places is currently only available in the U.S.. However, it will be expanded to other countries at some point, once the geofence data is loaded.

During a recent interview, Places creator, Adrian, made these comments, “I spent over five years working on this system. The is an innovative place-based social media platform. It allows users to post content within any place in their city, and then view content based on place type and other categories, such as restaurants, bars, libraries, etc. Places runs 129 million polygon geofences in the U.S. to capture data obtained from different places. It is meant to make the lives of users easier and give them access to their preferred experiences.”

Places is the city connectivity app that’s meant to help users experience what’s going on in every town and city in the U.S. It has already begun amassing users and followers. Everybody is invited to download this new App and join the experience.

For further information and to download the Places App, visit: https://www.placesmainapp.com/

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