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BuildClub is an on-demand supplier of building materials and home improvement supplies bent on disrupting the construction industry with sophisticated algorithms engineered to calculate the optimal sourcing techniques and logistics. BuildClub is opening in 15 additional cities in 2023.

Palo Alto, California, February 14, 2023,  “Skip the trip & finish faster” is the motto of the firm that is making great strides in the construction and DIY home improvement industries. BuildClub, a company merely 2 years old has brought a host of innovative solutions to contractors of all sizes.

The company’s Founder and CEO conveyed that BuildClub was created for contractors TO tackle daily sourcing challenges with ease.

During a recent interview, Stephen Forte, the BuildClub’s Founder and CEO, made these comments, “Small contractors spend too much unbilled time driving a truck and fetching materials rather than making money with more projects. Mid-size construction companies are forced to have full-time teams and drivers, adding overhead and fixed costs.”

He went on to say, “Large construction companies need to deal with many specialty contractors and their sourcing and delivery companies, burning time and adding complexity. We are a Silicon Valley startup founded to solve the problem of construction material sourcing and delivery.”

BuildClub is changing the way companies purchase and receive materials. From simple orders such as lumber, to delicate electrical components and supplies, this company is ensuring contractors nationwide have access to the materials they need when they need them.

What separates BuildClub from traditional building material suppliers is its commitment to saving its customers both time and money, by enabling them to focus on their projects while BuildClub does all the legwork.

Rather than simply supplying quality building materials and home improvement supplies, BuildClub eliminates the need for a middleman. After connecting BuildClub to its supply chain, a construction company no longer needs to juggle multiple delivery services, and vendors – BuildClub both sources and delivers the materials, and enables their customers to place their orders whenever, wherever.

The “on-demand” aspect of BuildClub is reshaping the playbook in the construction & DIY industries. Quick access to quality goods at competitive prices is a combination that was previously unheard of in the construction space, and BuildClub set out to make this rarity the new standard.

“There are very few options to getting building materials delivered immediately. If you need something now, you typically need to go get it yourself. We change this paradigm. We allow contractors to stay on the job site doing work and making money rather than driving a truck. For DIY, home improvement customers, we allow them more free time to do their projects by delivering what they need, when they need it,” said Stephen Forte.

Customer Testimonials always tell the story. This is what Pamela Bundy, a Verified Customer, had to say, “These guys are the best and amazing with communication. I was installing tile when I ran out and couldn’t find it anywhere online. Several companies showed they had it but when I called they were out. No one offered to help me find the tile until I called The Build Club. Even though they didn’t have it they took the initiative to track it down for me and found it in the east coast. It took a while to get it but it was delivered safe and sound. They kept me updated via text so I knew they didn’t forget about my order. I couldn’t have finished my project without them.”

The Company’s founder, Stephen Forte, has 25 years’ experience in the high-tech B2B supply chain industry.  With its team of industry experts, BuildClub has become one of the fastest-growing startups, with a bright future ahead. The Company was selected by CEMEX Ventures as on of the top ConTech startups in 2023 and has already delivered more than 250,000 items to their customers. The BuildClub was also handpicked by Suffolk Construction for its BOOST program, which is accelerating BuildClub’s growth and helping the firm cater to the needs of large commercial projects.

More information about BuildClub is available on the company’s official website: https://buildclub.com/

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