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Jewell Farshad is Advocating for Female Rights Through Fashion. She is using her influence and her work to champion female rights and support other women and girls. 

Los Angeles, CA – February 16, 2023,  Jewell Farshad is a force to be reckoned with. The Iranian-born actress, model, activist, and influencer is making waves in the fashion world with her unique take on “women, life, freedom” movement through fashion editorial. Jewell is using her platform to expand on female rights and empower other women, while also creating awareness for people of Iran.

Jewell was born in Tehran and from a young age she showed interest in the entertainment industry. However, she was faced with limitations as a child actress in Iran and was told she can’t dance, sing, or model because of her gender. Her editorial is a bold and beautiful statement that calls for an end to the oppression of women. Through her fashion choices, Jewell is celebrating the strength and resilience of women everywhere. With every step she takes, Jewell is paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse future for the fashion industry.

Jewell’s work is important not only for the fashion world, but for the world at large. Her message of hope and freedom is one that we all need to hear. We stand with Jewell Farshad and her fight for a better world.

Recently, Jewell created the first “Women – Life – Freedom” fashion editorial. In this editorial, Jewell showcases the strength and beauty of Iranian women while also highlighting the struggles they face. Jewell’s goal with this editorial is to expand on female rights and empower other women.

During a recent interview, Jewell made these comments, “I am an actress and model, but I’m also an advocate of female rights. I have a voice that matters and it is my duty to speak up for Iranian women seeking equal rights everywhere.”

To find out more information or to join the club that everyone is talking about, “Women Uplifting Women”, visit their official website at https://www.jewellfarshad.com/

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