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SureSwatch is the solution for choosing the right paint color by making it easy to eliminate the wrong colors. Simply apply sample paint to the SureSwatch film. Let it dry. Then peel off the backing and apply the painted film to the wall. 

Beachwood, Ohio, February 25, 2023, Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to spruce up any living or working spaces. Choosing the right color can be tricky. Surface texture, wall materials, existing paint type, and color, is there a primer? Any or all of these items can make a big difference in the end color.

Usually, people will start with paint chips from their local paint store. The problem is that many of these paint chips are not paint, they have printed color samples. Of course, paint can be applied to the subject walls, but usually, this results in walls that look like a patchwork quilt. Also, just the act of painting over the color samples will create uneven topcoat finishes.

Finally, there is an efficient method to test paint colors without losing one’s mind. SureSwatch has created self-adhesive clear swatches that can be painted with the paint samples and applied to a wall with its removable adhesive backing.

A primer greatly affects the topcoat’s final look. The SureSwatch® Primer Decider Scale will help to determine if a primer is needed before starting the project. By using the right primer one will do less work with less paint to achieve the desired color and the coverage needed, saving both time and money in the process.

During a recent interview, Jamie Peltz, inventor and president of SureSwatch, made these comments, “We continue to find more and more consumers want to know that their chosen paint color will work before they complete the whole project. Instead of testing paint colors by brushing on sample squares that are too small, don’t have enough coats to represent the color, and will have to be sanded or painted over later.”

She goes on to say, “Give SureSwatch a try. Using them is easy; simply apply two coats of sample paint, letting them dry in between, before applying each SureSwatch to the wall. Each SureSwatch gives you a sizable sample, but if you want to see what a color will look like in a larger area, simply paint two or more SureSwatch peel and stick paint samples and place them on the wall together.”

Best of all? They peel off easily with no sanding or covering required. Painting and testing paint colors is a huge project, but SureSwatch can make it a much easier and happier experience.

For complete information, visit: https://sureswatch.com/products/peel-and-stick-paint-samples/

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