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When readers own their power and understand their motivations, concerns, and reactions in challenging situations—they will also know what it is that’s holding them back.

Chandler, Arizona, March 9, 2023 – More and more young adults are reaching adulthood as “followers” instead of as “leaders.” Ginnette Baker’s Own Your Power provides a path of clear thinking that will enable readers to own their power and never give it away. It’s all about taking ownership of their thoughts, actions, and reactions that direct their life and everything they do.

That is the essence of every word in Own Your Power. Readers learn how to understand their motivations, concerns, and reactions in challenging situations–then they will know what it is that’s holding them back.

Own Your Power is a young adult’s guide for using understanding, confidence, planning, faith, and adaptability to get what they want in life. It is an easy read filled with personal anecdotes from the author, Ginnette Baker. Ginnette shares insight into when she was a child who was raised by a single mother who was also raised by a single mother as well as experiences as a young adult, trying to navigate adulthood.

Filled with lessons from decades past that still stick with Ginnette today, Own Your Power tells how to turn around what feels like a challenge and use it as a means for being and doing better so a reader can overcome almost any adversity.

With more than 20 years of helping young adults and career transitioning professionals pave the way to owning their power in all aspects of their lives, Ginnette masterfully captures these lessons in Own Your Power for everyone to begin to create a path for success.

About The Author:

Ginnette is a passionate problem-solver who excels at finding creative solutions to achieve exceptional results. Despite facing numerous challenges, including becoming pregnant at the age of seventeen while working and attending school full-time, Ginnette tackles each obstacle with determination and resilience. While her outspoken and Socratic approach initially led some higher executives to find her “too intimidating,” Ginnette embraced their feedback and adapted while never losing her passion nor her ability to inspire excellence.

With a commitment to finding a better way, Ginnette propelled herself through graduate studies ultimately leading to her become an adjunct professor in business, leadership management, and CAPSTONE classes for bachelor’s and master’s level programs. With more than 20 years of leadership experience, she has mentored countless individuals–from young adults to seasoned professionals–helping them unlock their full potential by owning their power.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Ginnette takes pride in her role as a devoted wife and as the mother of two amazing children (and a dog)!  In her free time, she can often be found hiking in the great outdoors, losing herself in a good book, or enjoying a cup of coffee.

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