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Hancock, Michigan, April 1, 2023, – Abundant Healthcare Strategies, a healthcare consulting firm, launches today to support healthcare providers on their journey for ongoing operational and technological innovation that advances patient care. Their unique engagement approach is designed to maximize value for their clients, disrupting traditional consulting models that have become a cause of excessive wasted money in the US healthcare system.

Healthcare providers face immense competitive pressures to deliver innovative solutions that serve patients effectively. Financial constraints, as well as challenges in attracting and retaining skilled personnel in IT and operational roles hinder progress. The founder of Abundant Healthcare Strategies, Ryan Kent, explains how these factors shaped the company’s name and culture: “When people become hyper-fixated on scarcities, it leads to short-term coping rather than sustainable transformation. With an abundance mindset, our clients are able to see these challenges as opportunities to innovate and advance healthcare.”

Traditional consulting services can create knowledge silos, single points of failure, and long-term dependencies, which exacerbate financial pressures over time. Kent goes on to highlight how Abundant Healthcare Strategies’ people-centric approach equips and empowers clients to drive sustainable transformation. “Our approach prioritizes collaboration, empowerment, and continuous knowledge sharing so clients can drive long-term sustainable transformation without ongoing consultant support. Our Agile model provides the right amount of consultant expertise at the right times. We support our clients and also leave room for them to drive long-term success independently.”

Abundant Healthcare Strategies consists of seasoned consultants with over a decade of operational and IT experience specialized in major Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technologies, including Epic, and integrated technological platforms. They provide strategic services in patient access and revenue cycle management as well as support services, such as staff augmentation, project support, and advisory support.

Abundant’s unique engagement approach offers customized and innovative solutions that cater to evolving needs. By prioritizing value and agility, they challenge the status quo to lead clients towards transformative change.

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