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Comprehensive Program Includes Personal Security and Cyber Security Certification

Denver, CO – April 11, 2023 – Protect Now, a leading provider of cyber security training and solutions, today announced an agreement with RE/MAX, LLC, a global real estate franchisor with more than 140,000 agents in almost 9,000 offices and a presence in more than 110 countries and territories.

Through this agreement, RE/MAX will add Protect Now’s Cyber Social Identity (CSI) and Personal Protection Certification to the programs offered through RE/MAX University, an exclusive-to-RE/MAX learning hub designed to help each agent level-up their professional expertise. Through this new security awareness training program, real estate professionals will have the opportunity to learn strategies to keep themselves, their businesses and the clients’ data safe.

Developed by Protect Now, the CSI Protection Certification training offers the most current best practices in cyber security to prevent wire fraud, identity theft and breaches, paired with practical advice real estate professionals can use to stay safe in the field. CSI Certification helps to meet FTC Safeguards Rule compliance and delivers a marketing tool to help professionals grow market access, reputation and sales. REALTORS® with a professional designation earn a median income 74% higher than those without, according to an NAR Member Survey.

“We are proud to bring this exceptional safety and cyber security program to the real estate professionals we support,” said Bryson Creighton, Vice President, RE/MAX University Learning & Education. “This is a critical tool that will help our agents and franchisees build trust with their clients and provide the exceptional service that RE/MAX is known for.”

The 2021 National Association of Realtors Annual Safety Report found that 5% of REALTORS® had been a victim of a crime while working as a real estate professional. Cyber-attacks are a growing threat to the real estate industry, where many agencies operate as small- or mid-sized businesses, and where regular email, text and telephone contact with buyers and sellers occurs daily. Criminals have stepped up their attacks on smaller businesses in recent years. Data from 2019 showed that cyber criminals made small businesses their top target, accounting for 43% of data breaches.

“Criminals will always go after the easiest targets,” said Protect Now Co-Founder and Head Security Awareness Trainer Robert Siciliano. “They’ve learned that they can’t make the ‘big hits’ going after large companies, so they now look for small business with lower levels of cyber security. They launch thousands of attacks each month, because it’s a numbers game. They can make a good amount of money from a few hundred breaches with far less risk and effort.”

Protect Now closes the gap between small and large business cyber security awareness with training that emphasizes the individual role each employee plays in cyber security. Brokers and agents are taught to see their personal role in protecting access and data, which has proven an effective tool in changing organizational attitudes toward cyber security.

“Wire fraud has surpassed a $200 million a year, which decimates the buyer’s bank account, kills the sale, shatters commissions, ruins the agency’s reputation and can lead to lengthy, expensive lawsuits for everyone involved in the transaction. We are also entering an era where the Federal government will demand more accountability from everyone who handles financial information. These are powerful reasons for real estate professionals to attend this training,” Siciliano said.

About Protect Now: 

Protect Now is a leading provider of cyber security training and solutions for business, municipal and nonprofit clients, with an emphasis on organizations that process sensitive information from the general public. Protect now delivers a suite of cyber security services, including Virtual CISOs, Dark Web Monitoring and FTC Compliance, backed by personal security, cyber security and anti-phishing training that creates meaningful change in employee attitudes toward cyber security by emphasizing the importance of personal security.

To learn more about Protect Now’s cyber security solutions, visit: https://protectnowllc.com/

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