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Presenting the only such platform using 180-degree facial recognition, PetsUnited, will make sure that their software stays up to date and has a high accuracy of 90%, bringing this sector of the pet industry into the digital age. 

Kennesaw, Georgia, April 19, 2023, Losing a pet can be quite devastating. Pet owners feel guilty if they don’t do everything possible to take care of their pets and if lost, get them returned. This new  service will include special features, such as: 180 degree facial recognition, pet alerts, flyer templates, & other resources to help those that need it the most. The 180 degree facial recognition can scan the pets front, right, & left side of their face.

PetsUnited will provide clients with new improved facial recognition software that will scan through thousands of sources and send them only those that match their pets face. This facial recognition software can detect a chip on the ear, a pet’s nose, and any distinct feature on the pet. If someone, whether a shelter or a stranger that found the pet and has posted them somewhere, clients will be provided with those postings and contact details.

Pet Amber Alert: Local neighbors instantly receive an automated message. This feature also allows mass email alerts to shelters and vet clinics. If the pet does not have a microchip, there is still hope. Without these features the chances are 15% for dogs & 2% for cats. Those odds are significantly low, but that is exactly why they are here.

Flyer Templates: When it comes to flyer templates, clients will have access to flyers that go from basic to flashy. They will also have reward options to place on the templates and will have the option to print or download. They will also post it on their Facebook page and spread the word.

As the team at PetsUnited readies for a full launch, everybody is encouraged to sign-up for the newsletter to be informed of specials and the launch date. There is a bright future for PetsUnited as it is a much needed, as well as unique, service. In the near future they will be offering reasonably priced trending pet products online.

About The Founder: 

The reason Capri Sprowl started this service was that she lost two of her cats and the one thing she wished she had was something like this. She wants to make sure that those that need it can use her services to give them the best chance of finding their fur babies. It will also be for those that have a pet that was stolen from them.

Her service will not only be for those that have lost or found a pet, but it will also be for those that want to make sure they have something in place for quick action. If down the line their pet goes missing, all they would need to do is sign in and start using the pet alerts, the facial recognition, & the flyers.

During a recent interview, Capri made these comments, “I want to encourage people to like/follow PetsUnited’s Facebook page and Instagram because I will eventually be creating a countdown and announcing the launch there as well. Also, on my Facebook page we are currently posting lost and found pets and if anyone would like to post on our page they are free to do so, just make sure when you post the lost and found pets that there is enough information about the pet so people can keep a look out.”

For complete information, visit: https://www.petsunitedapod.com/

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