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The very concept of “Use plastic bottles once and discard” explains how they are harming the environment and poisoning the oceans.  This process is not only very costly, but also very wasteful. 

Wayne, Pennsylvania, April 27, 2023, It is hard to imagine that humanity creates so much plastic waste that there are literally islands of it floating in the oceans all around the planet. The makeup of the floating islands of plastic, first identified over 20 years ago, includes discarded fishing nets and shopping bags, as well as untold numbers of plastic bottles, thrown away by consumers.

Researchers agree that the first step to cleaning up the oceans is to stop polluting them, as the ecosystems are in jeopardy. Single Use Plastic containers for liquids, such as cleaning solutions, are the most prevalent on these islands of waste. Action must be taken to protect the environment for generations to come.

Thanks to Co-Founders Mike Cossa and Carissa Hetrick, Green Clean was formed. The goal was to create a better way to clean, while reducing environmental waste. This was accomplished by their development of a concentrated cleaning tablet that when dissolved in water, produces 16oz of highly effective cleaning solution, safe for all surfaces. In fact, their product has been tested and proven to be equal or better than the top name brands of cleaning solutions.

Some Features & Benefits of Green Clean: 

  • Green Clean’s formula is sourced from natural ingredients and the packaging is fully recyclable.
  • Sustainable: No plastic bottles mean less waste for the environment.
  • Safety: With no harmful chemicals, ammonia, or bleach. Safe for use on tables.
  • Storage: Tablets take up 10x less space than traditional cleaners.
  • Shipping: Minimizes carbon emissions by decreasing shipping weight (not shipping water!).

Many large organizations, including school districts in California, Iowa, and Pennsylvania, are now choosing to partner with Green Clean as an easy step towards being more sustainable.

Green Clean’s product portfolio expansion plans to include home cleaning, laundry care, and personal care, all in tablet/dissolvable form.

During a recent interview, Co-Founder Mike Cossa commented “Our mission is simple: Make it easy for consumers to create a cleaner world one product at a time. We believe in quality. No sacrifices, no compromise. Every person on the planet should do their part to protect our environment, this is a great first step.”

For complete information, visit: https://gogreenclean.org/

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