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Morenci, Michigan, May 5, 2023, The City of Morenci has partnered with TPMA to complete a market research study focused on meeting local retail needs.

“This is a first step to getting the baseline information that grocers and other retailers will need to make decisions on locating to Morenci,” said Heather Sarnac, Director of Community and Economic Development for the City of Morenci.

The study will include an analysis of available data about potential retail needs, such as grocery and hardware, that exist in the Morenci area. The study will include information regarding infrastructure, distribution, consumer markets, requirements, and gaps and barriers. TPMA will provide the city with best practices from across the country.

“The TPMA team is proud to work alongside city staff on this project. Efforts are already underway, and we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality analysis we can. Community impact isn’t just a core value of our firm: it is a core value of our project team,” said Lindsay Bloos, Senior Consultant and Project Lead.

TPMA anticipates an on-site visit in July to present findings to the city council, tour sites, and meet with city staff regarding potential next steps for retail business attraction.

This project is funded through a Federal Economic Development Administration Grant in partnership with Lenawee Now.

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