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California, USA – June 14, 2023 – Omni Bev, the pioneering beverage company known for its innovative and authentic Asian-inspired beverages, is thrilled to announce the debut and launch of its Vietnamese cold brew coffee line. This exciting product line includes shelf-stable beverages that capture the essence of Vietnamese coffee traditions and cultures while delivering better-for-you premium flavors with a contemporary twist. Notably, Omni Bev was the world’s first company to introduce ready-to-drink Vietnamese cold brew coffee.

Omni Bev’s Vietnamese cold brew coffee is available in two distinct flavors, each carefully crafted to provide a unique coffee experience. The first product is the Vietnamese Black cold brew coffee infused with L-Theanine. This proprietary blend is sourced directly from family farms in Vietnam, ensuring the highest quality beans. The infusion of L-Theanine amplifies alpha brain waves, reducing mental fatigue and stress while improving cognitive function. With the perfect combination of L-Theanine and caffeine, this premium black coffee elevates your coffee routine to new heights, boosting focus and productivity while minimizing caffeine jitters.

The second product in the line is the Traditional Vietnamese cold brew coffee with a splash of condensed milk, which reflects Omni Bev’s commitment to prioritizing coffee excellence. By using superior ingredients and high-quality beans from their family farm in Vietnam, Omni Bev delivers a prominent coffee taste that resonates with the authentic Vietnamese coffee experience. These better-for-you coffees set a new quality standard for Asian beverages, connecting people with genuine Asian flavors and unforgettable drinking moments.

All Omni Bev products boast a range of enticing features, including being between 0 and 60 calories, free of preservatives, containing non-GMO ingredients, and providing barista-quality coffee in a can. The Vietnamese beans used in these beverages are sourced directly from Omni Bev’s family farm, guaranteeing an authentic Vietnamese coffee profile. Moreover, the products contain between 0 and 9 grams of total sugar, offering a guilt-free and refreshing beverage option.

“At Omni, we are passionate about sharing our modern twist on authentic Asian-inspired beverages with the world,” said Tammy Huynh, the founder of Omni Bev. “Our farm-to-can, single-origin craft beverages are meticulously crafted using the finest ingredients, ensuring that every sip is a delightful experience. We never compromise on quality or taste, and we are proud to give back to the farmers who grow our coffee beans with every can sold.”

Omni Bev’s Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee is now available for purchase at select grocery locations throughout the Western Region and Texas in the United States, including Draeger’s Market, Berkeley Bowl stores, and Central Markets. Customers can also conveniently order online at OmniBev.com. Keep an eye out for additional retail locations being added throughout the summer of 2023.

About Omni Bev:

Omni Bev was founded in California, with a story deeply rooted in Vietnam. Inspired by her family’s love for coffee and nurtured by experiences in Vietnamese coffee shops, Tammy Huynh developed a lifelong passion for craft beverages. Determined to share her passion with the world, Tammy created ready-to-drink beverages that prioritize quality and taste, just as she witnessed in her early years. Omni Bev’s cold brew process extracts the best natural flavors from their coffee beans, ensuring an authentic and premium beverage for all. With a mission to bring purposeful craft beverages, Omni Bev works directly with family-owned farms to support farmers’ livelihoods and promote sustainable practices.

For complete information, visit: https://omnibev.com/

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