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“Wild Yoga Tribe” marks 100th podcast with Native American Yoga

Des Moines, Iowa – September 12, 2023) – Wild Yoga Tribe, a podcast that explores yoga around the world, returns home to its North American roots to mark its 100th episode on September 15, 2023. Host Lily Allen-Dueñas interviews Kate Herrera Jenkins (nativestrengthrevolution.org), a renowned Native American yoga teacher and a member of the Cochiti Pueblo, on how she weaves together indigenous traditions with ancient Indian practice. The sacred world of Native American yoga reminds us that yoga is not just a practice but a living ceremony that unites us all.

“I felt like every time I stepped onto my mat, it was ceremony. It was this time of surrender,” Herrera Jenkins told Wild Yoga Tribe host Allen-Dueñas. The Birmingham, Alabama-based Herrera Jenkins is also the founder of Native Strength Revolution, a nonprofit that equips a new generation of Indigenous healers through yoga certification.

In the previous 99 episodes, Iowan Allen-Dueñas has traveled the world, literally and metaphorically, to feature yoga teachers from every corner of the globe, from Ukraine to Uganda. They have shared their insight, expertise, and experience in the field of yoga, health, and wellness. While each conversation covers a range of topics, there’s one consistent question that every teacher is asked: “What is your definition of yoga?”

Jannice Strand, a yoga teacher from Norway, says: “Yoga is a place where you can come home.” Mugisha Ali Allan, a yoga teacher from Uganda, says: “Yoga is the art and science of well-being.” Roxana Corojan, a yoga teacher from Romania, says: “Yoga is the place where I never question myself.” Dariya Kolodiy, a yoga teacher from Ukraine says, “Yoga overloads the brain and earns you the body.”

Each episode inspires and shares a personal journey. “After finding yoga. I stopped doing drugs,” said Kenyan yogi Samuel Muthama. “I was able to get my daily needs, my family needs met. Yoga transformed me from the path of crime… It really transformed my life and my family’s. My brother and I teach yoga and the money we get we give to our parents and our siblings.” It literally saved Muthama’s life.

Yoga has also threatened lives. Afghani yoga teacher Fakhria Momtaz, had to flee her country. As the first yoga studio owner in Afghanistan, she received multiple death threats for teaching yoga. “It wasn’t safe,” Momtaz said. “It was not just necessary or important for women and Afghanistan. It was important for me too. Everyone has to play their part in the world. Therefore, I should share my knowledge of yoga with other people to keep the body and mind healthy, especially for women in Afghanistan, who are struggling, so much violence and challenges by their culture, their families, their society.”

Wild Yoga Tribe is a podcast for yoga students and teachers alike. Listening to the back catalog of episodes will give everyone a new focus for their daily yoga practice, and a deeper understanding of what yoga truly is.

“Yoga transcends boundaries, borders, and language,” Wild Yoga Tribe founder and podcast host Lily Allen-Duenas, says. “It is a universal sanctuary where individuals find healing, well-being, self-acceptance, and even transformation.”

About The Wild Yoga Tribe:

The Wild Yoga Tribe podcast is hosted by Wild Yoga Tribe founder and international yoga teacher, Lily Allen-Duenas. With well over 650 hours of training under her wing and thousands of hours of teaching in Bali, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and more, Allen-Duenas is a celebrated global yoga presence.

The Wild Yoga Tribe’s mission is to shine a light on the global yoga ecosystem and all the interconnected aspects of the path of yoga while helping others on their paths of wellness and wholeness. The podcast widely covers the topics of yoga methodologies, philosophies, and stories around the yoga journey. Allen-Duenas and her guests have powerful conversations, which serve as a catalyst for expansion and connection to the global yoga community.

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