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In a timely response to the financial challenges facing young Americans, MARK BOLTON and TRANSFORM MEDIA are thrilled to announce the launch of “The Gen Z Money Manual.” This much-anticipated book aims to serve as the ultimate guide to personal finance, tailored specifically for Generation Z.

Tampa, Florida, September 12, 2023, Every year, thousands of financial guides are published. Most of them are easy to forget, but Mark Bolton has recently published a blockbuster of a financial book aimed at the Gen Z sector. His timely book, The Gen Z Money Manual, leaves no stone unturned. The financial landscape has dramatically evolved over the years, leaving Gen Z with unique challenges and opportunities that previous generations never faced.

From dealing with student loans to navigating the gig economy and cryptocurrency investments, young people today require a new roadmap to achieve financial success and security. “The Gen Z Money Manual” addresses these challenges head-on by offering actionable advice on budgeting, investing, saving, and retirement planning, all presented in an engaging and relatable manner.

Gen Z faces huge challenges navigating the world of money as they move from teens to adults – especially as they tackle the all-digital, AI powered new economy. In fact, there has never been a more demanding time and being prepared is not a luxury but a necessity. The Gen Z Money Manual is a guiding light through the fog of fiscal responsibility, providing practical, step-by-step strategies:

  • Credit Card Debt: Get debt rapidly under control and eliminate it in favor of sustainable payment solutions.
  • Student Loans: Manage the high cost of college education, decide where to study and minimize student debt to emerge in good financial shape.
  • Side Hustles: Use a structured process to select the best side-hustle.
  • Cost of Living: Focus on the high costs and manage them to save money.
  • Credit Score: Understand how it works and gain control to save money on loans, insurance and rent.
  • Investing: Start early to leverage compounding using tax breaks to become financial free.
  • Scams: Avoid old and new scams that can drain wealth and energy.
  • Taxes: Minimize taxes and use the latest strategies to boost income and investments.
  • Goal Setting & Planning: Set goals that align with your Personal Core Values and then create simple plans to achieve them.

Making use of extensive research amongst Gen Z and contributions from Boomers, Gen X and Millennials, Mark demystifies complex financial concepts, giving readers the knowledge and confidence that they need to make informed financial decisions.

This is a great book for:

  • Gen Z stepping out into the world.
  • Parents, grand-parents, family or guardians hoping to guide your child.
  • Educators seeking a valuable resource.
  • Counsellors, therapists or advisors working with Gen Z clients.
  • Bankers, financial advisors, wealth managers or consultants who wants to better understand Gen Z.

The Gen Z Money Manual is the indispensable guide to turning financial challenges into opportunities for growth and empowerment.

About The Author:

Mark Bolton has almost 30 years of executive level experience in banking and financial services in the US, UK, Mexico, China and EU for companies such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Citi, PWC, Accenture, Capgemini and Cognizant.

Mark was born in the UK, educated at City University in London and is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate Business School, CA. Mark is an author of the ACMP Global Standard in Change Management and a published thought-leader and public speaker on several financial topics.

Mark took a career break to write The Gen Z Money Manual working closely with Gen Z family members, research sources and drawing on his experience working with large corporations designing products and services for Gen Z and his deep knowledge of the New Economy.

For complete information, visit: https://mark-bolton.com/mark-bolton

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Mark Bolton
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Tampa, FL