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Colorado Springs, Colorado, September 20, 2023, Happy Camper Live is delighted to announce the much-anticipated launch of its 30-episode series, aptly titled “Happy Camper Live, 365 Days of Camp.”  is now streaming on HappyKids, a FREE and SAFE app designed to educate and entertain millions of kids across multiple platforms every day. The series invites children on a captivating journey of adventure and discovery, bringing the wonders of summer camp to their screens throughout the year.

“Allison Miller, the visionary founder and CEO of Happy Camper Live, has created a show that entertains while expressing the benefits of the camp experience,” stated David Di Lorenzo SVP Kids and Family at Future Today. “With the introduction of Happy Camper Live, 365 Days of Camp, children now have an extraordinary avenue to access summer camp right from their own homes free on HappyKids, where we strive to provide safe family entertainment.”

The series follows from fall break camp to winter camp, spring camp, and of course, the iconic summer camp. Parents can confidently rely on Happy Camper Live to ignite a sense of adventure within their children. “This groundbreaking series, aptly named 365 Days of Camp, is a testament to HappyKids’ commitment to bringing content that inspires young minds and encourages them to embrace new experiences.” said Allison Miller. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of discovery, as HappyKids invites children to explore the wonders of camp, anytime, anywhere.

About Happy Camper Live:

With its innovative digital platform, Happy Camper Live revolutionizes the concept of traditional summer camp, extending the magic and joy to children in the comfort of their own homes. Led by founder and CEO Allison Miller, who draws upon over 25 years of expertise as a summer camp director, Happy Camper Live is dedicated to inspiring daily moments of discovery that fuel children’s desire to learn, explore, and embrace life-changing experiences.

Featuring a vast array of interactive activities, Happy Camper Live ensures that there is something exciting and captivating for every child. From thrilling outdoor adventures to imaginative arts and crafts, exhilarating sports, and creative cooking experiences, the possibilities for exploration are endless.

In addition to providing unforgettable camp experiences, Happy Camper Live is committed to making a positive impact in the community through The Happy Camper Project, its philanthropic arm. The Happy Camper Project aims to inspire giving and support youth center programs by funding informal learning experiences. By raising funds and providing programming support, The Happy Camper Project ensures that summer camps and youth programs can meet their financial and operational needs, allowing them to continue offering their activities to students, campers, families, and the wider community.

“All children deserve the chance to experience the joy and growth that summer camp offers, regardless of their location or circumstances,” said Allison Miller, founder and CEO of Happy Camper Live. “At Happy Camper Live, we are proud to bring the magic of camp to children year-round, providing them with endless opportunities for fun, adventure, and personal growth. Through The Happy Camper Project, we are furthering our commitment to spreading the joy of summer camp and supporting youth programs worldwide.”

About HappyKids:

HappyKids is a FREE and SAFE app designed to educate and entertain millions of kids across multiple platforms every day. Parents trust HappyKids to provide kid-safe content for every age group with music, rhymes, stories, movies, popular shows, DIY, activity guides and more. The content is segmented by age group for 0-2 yrs. (toddlers), 2-4 yrs. (preschoolers), 4-6 years, and kids 6+. There are also separate sections for Kids movies & TV shows, gaming videos, and a featured section which offers the best of everything. HappyKids is available on Roku, Fire TV, Apple, XFinity, Vizio and most major connected TV and mobile devices.

To learn more about Happy Camper Live and embark on your own adventure, visit: www.happycamperlive.com

For additional information on The Happy Camper Project, visit:  www.thehappycamperproject.org

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