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Dennis Berry – Renown Master Life Coach – Reveals The Importance of Mindfulness – His Mission In Life Is To Help Others Achieve Inner Peace, Success and Master Every Area of Their Lives

Dennis uses an evidence-based coaching and recovery program that has been shown to radically reduce the symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and addictions of any sort AND reduce the severity of anxiety and depression symptoms.  Littleton, Colorado, April 1, 2021, For over 15 years,...
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Noted Hypnotherapist – Elena Mosaner – Has Launched a Membership Website “HypnoCloud” – A Platform For Hypnosis Audio Sessions In Various Areas of Personal Growth, Well-Being, and Behavior Modification

Members of HypnoCloud gain access to over 100 hypnosis audios sessions, the unique library of hypnotic scripts with transformative affirmations and self-hypnosis courses. Members also have a chance to participate in live monthly group meetings and workshops every first Monday of every month.  La Jolla,...
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