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Prof. Mohammed Ahmad S. Al-Shamsi Releases His Latest Book – “Innovation & Imitation For Nations: The Technological Gap Shock and Nations’ Urge to Imitate and Copycat”

This book introduces a summary of experiences for innovative nations through history. Imitation, copycatting, and knocking-off are the code that nations use as a response to the shock of the “technological gap” before embarking on innovation.  Miami, Florida, April 3, 2023, A scholar, inventor, and...
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Hawque Protection Group – An Atlanta Based Minority Protection Firm Celebrates Their Recent Coveted Selection For Their Supplier Diversity Program With Facebook For Global Protection Services

Facebook selected Hawque Protection Group, as the only minority owned protection security group to provide security services for their leaders and private events worldwide.  Atlanta, Georgia, August 14, 2021, Economic conditions as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic coupled with a huge political riff has...
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Tonali Windslor Releases His New Book – “Isolation Moderation” – A Groundbreaking Foreign Policy Guidebook For Nations To Follow In The Complex and Unpredictable World of The 21st Century

All of the solutions proposed in this book are supported by real-world historical examples, and its language is written in a simple format for anyone to read and understand, not just academics or political science students. Huntington Beach, California, November 14, 2020, The Nations of...
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