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The Deep Note heard famously in cinemas around the world now fits into a pocket with the “ZmBIZI Smartphone” featuring THX Spatial Audio. “The sound must seem an Echo to the sense.” – Alexander Pope 

Los Angeles, California, March 18, 2021, Smartphones get smarter, cameras get sharper and batteries live longer, but what about sound. A forgotten sense to Smartphones no longer, the ZmBIZI phone powered by THXⓇ Spatial Audio transforms traditional audio into a 360-degree spherical sound experience. Stereo and surround sound are enhanced to deliver 3D immersive audio intensifying soundscapes for mobile enjoyment of movies, music, and games.

With THX Spatial Audio, listeners gain deeper audio immersion and experience incredible realism, as if they are in the “middle” of a favorite song, game, or movie. With THX Personal HRTF, the THX Spatial Audio experience is also tailored to the hearing anatomy of each individual mobile user via a simple photo of the ear; a key feature of ZmBIZI providing its consumers with an unparalleled mobile sensory experience.

“THX premium entertainment technologies for high fidelity audio continue to lead the industry,” says Alpesh Patel, co-founder of ZmBIZI. “The THX integrity and innovation has redefined expectations and nothing could be more important to ZmBIZI than delivering a compelling and personalized audio experience to our users.”

“We are pleased to partner with ZmBIZI to bring the multidimensional audio experience to more mobile consumers around the globe,” said Jason Fiber, chief operations officer, THX Ltd. “ZmBIZI aims to bring this world-class device to users empowering them in all aspects of their mobile life, and with THX Spatial Audio this now includes immersive and authentic listening experience to delight the ears when enjoying content on the go.”

  • Activate THX Spatial Audio in One Step: To enable THX Spatial Audio on the ZmBIZI device, simply connect headphones into the 3.5mm jack, open the THX app and turn on “spatial audio.” The app and technology come pre-installed and will be available on the home screen once the user has signed up for a ZmBIZI account, no set-up or purchases is required.

Once started, any content listened to over headphones will be in THX Spatial Audio. To turn it off, head back to the app and select “stereo.” Users will also see custom EQ and content settings that can be selected to further tailor the THX Spatial Audio experience.

  • Personalized Entertainment: ZmBIZI takes spatial audio immersion one step further with THX Personal HRTF. A Head Related Transfer Function, or HRTF, is a filter that optimizes audio playback based on physical hearing anatomy. With a simple photo of one’s ear, THX Personal HRTF can simulate the changes a person’s ears and head make to sound waves in the real world to create a more true-to-life listening experience within a pair of headphones.

Creating a THX Personal HRTF profile on the ZmBIZI device takes only a few minutes. Within the THX Spatial Audio app, select the Personalization tab and follow the prompts to capture an image of the right ear. Click submit when finished and shortly the users HRTF will be complete. After completion, the users personal HRTF will be used automatically when THX Spatial Audio is activated. Users can also toggle it off as desired within the personalization tab to return to the generic THX Spatial Audio HRTF. 

About ZmBIZI:  

ZmBIZI is a lifestyle that empowers users. The name is inspired by the great African river Zambezi and is designed with patented technology. The ZmBIZI Smartphone/SmartPOS solution consists of both hardware and software that operates a Super App Fintech led ecosystem, curated, and aggregated to reward the person who uses it. ZmBIZI reward points convert to hard currency via the ZmBIZI Mastercard debit card.

For complete information about the ZmBIZI experience, Visit: https://zmbizi.com/

About THX Ltd.:

Founded by legendary filmmaker George Lucas in 1983, THX Ltd. and its partners provide premium entertainment experiences in the cinema, in the home and on the go. Over the past 35 years, THX has expanded its certification categories beyond studios and cinemas to consumer electronics, content, automotive systems, and live entertainment.

Today, THX continues to redefine entertainment, providing exciting new cinema offerings, technologies and assurance of experiences which provide consumers with superior audio and visual fidelity and ensure an artist’s vision is truthfully delivered to audiences worldwide. THX Ltd. is owned by Razer and operates as a fully independent subsidiary.

For more information visit THX.com, https://www.thx.com/thx-ultimate-cinema/

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