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“Aware, Not Afraid” is a book about developing street-smart awareness and preparedness. Its intended purpose focuses on enabling everyone to prevent, as well as survive and recover from any critical-life situations.

PUEBLO, COLORADO, October 3, 2014 – It is no secret that the world can be a dangerous place, and all indicators point to it continuing on that course. A recent book entitled: “Aware, Not Afraid”, whose authors, J.C. Owens and Melvin Groves, wrote about developing street-smart awareness and preparedness. It is a guide to help better understand and combat the threats (both human and natural) that are likely to be encountered during a lifetime. The term “street-smart” often refers to someone who is intelligent, has good common sense, knows how to handle bad situations, and has the skills necessary to function in the area in which they live.

The authors assert that being street-smart also involves possessing the awareness necessary to recognize and react to the actions occurring around themselves at all times. It requires having the mental skills and preparedness to adapt and survive in almost any situation or scenario. By learning and implementing the tactical skills outlined in this book, and via one’s own life experiences, one can better prepare oneself and loved ones to respond to all situations, while gaining the flexibility to navigate and function in all environments safely.

Many academic studies have been conducted and articles written on the subject of threats posed by humans and nature. While these articles are interesting reads, they offer little in the way of solutions. The idea of throwing more money and technology at the problem proves ineffective, and many communities are literally tapped out of resources. Because of dangerous and life-threatening scenarios occurring worldwide, time is of the essence in delivering a simple yet effective people-based solution, hence this book, “Aware, Not Afraid”.

The authors make no claim to be experts, but have maintained a perfect success rate at functioning and surviving in different environments (many of them dangerous and critical situations), using the same methods shared in this book. Their information is practical and will guide one through the process of creating a safer lifestyle and environment for them and their loved ones as well as contributing to the creation of more secure neighborhoods.

Pre-release reviews have been phenomenal. Darrin Buxman, a Top 1,000 Amazon Reviewer who has written over 700 reviews in addition to being an attorney with over 20 years practicing law, calls the book an “indispensable handbook for modern life”, and had this to say: “AWARE, NOT AFRAID is a foundational element for personal security and that of your family.? Written in plain English, this book will prepare you for almost any threatening circumstance and, more importantly, teach you the proper mindset for addressing dangerous situations when they arise.? It contains practical exercises for developing the awareness necessary to avoid 99% of situations that lead to trouble, while greatly improving your odds in the 1% of situations that are unavoidable.?This book covers the spectrum from violent crimes and dangerous internet environments to general preparedness for natural and man-made disasters.?It is concise, yet comprehensive.?There are very few books with the actual potential to save your life, but this is one of them.”

About the Authors:

J. C. Owens is a dynamic leader, speaker and author. His message about the growing need for awareness and accepting personal responsibility for one’s safety and security is timely and empowering. His knowledge and experience about street-level and gang-related crime, acquired during his teen years, has been used as a valuable asset in various law enforcement operations. This information can also be used as an indispensable resource for every-day survival. J. C. Owens has spent the last 25 years as a business management and leadership consultant. “Aware, Not Afraid” is his way of sharing what he has learned throughout his life-time to help others in safeguarding themselves and their loved ones. In deciding to write “Aware, Not Afraid”, J. C. knew there was only one person who was up for the task of co-writing this book, his long-time friend and associate, Melvin Groves, whose credentials speak for themselves.

Melvin Groves began his thirty-seven-year career by serving in various military special-operation assignments. Since retirement from the military, he has become a consultant for public safety tactical elements and corporations for enhancing human-performance standards related to crisis management. His responsibilities include planning and executing high threat operation responses protecting personnel and assets against man-made or naturally-caused emergency situations throughout the world.

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