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“Disguise App” gives everybody the capability to send secret messages to family, friends and business associates.

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN, November 10, 2014, Sometimes people want to send very personal and secretive messages via SMS, but they are afraid of it being exposed. It has always been very costly to acquire equipment that can both Scramble and then Unscramble messages between two people. The government has used these devices for decades, at costs of several thousands of dollars each. Smartphones have become quite popular, and everybody either owns one, or knows somebody who does. This makes it an easy task for anyone to pick-up your iPhone and view personal messages, that is until now.

The new “Disguise App” brings advanced technology to everybody. This app lets you type in a message and then disguise it as a bunch of random characters. You can paste a disguised message into the app and reveal it. The App also has a built in SMS sender.

On the technical side: It is iOS 7 Optimized, Easy Layout, Send A Text Directly In The App, and it is iPhone 5 & 5s Screen Size Optimized. One would expect an application like this to be costly, but it is Free.

Users report how “Disguise App” has changed their lives. Communication between lovers is now confidential, private matters can be kept private. Financial communications, such as discussing Investments and account balances can now be kept confidential. Even setting up a surprise party for someone can be kept secret so it is really a surprise. Detectives and private investigators have been using this app on their Smartphones with great success, and their job depends on secrecy. When a message is either pasted or typed into this app, it is automatically disguised as a bunch of Random Characters. As it is sent to another App User, it will be de-randomized, and easy to read.

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