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Over 80 percent of organizations are using cloud-based services to supplement or drive work processes.

SUNRISE, FLORIDA, December 6, 2014, Ever since somebody coined the term “Cloud”, businesses have been bombarded with all sorts of media attempts to have them jump into the Cloud. Before it was called the Cloud, it was known as online storage, or “Software as a Service”, where one could log onto a server and use the application, and store the data. With the proliferation of Cloud providers comes the increased risk of data breaches and failures that are not protected by insurance coverage. So who assumes all the risk? Good question, but in most cases, it is the user. If the cloud provider does not have a special type of insurance protection, besides their own errors and omissions, the user is out of luck, and maybe out of business as well.

The take-away here is that anyone interested in moving data to a provider on the Cloud, or transacting and saving on the Cloud, better make sure that as a user, their risk is protected by the vendor’s insurance. Of course it would be ideal for each user to have their own Data Breach Protection Policy as well. Fortunately, there are Insurance firms like DataSurer who specialize in this special arena of Cloud Insurance. The team at DataSurer has rolled-out a new Security and Data Breach Contractual Response Program For Cloud Service Providers. It is just what the doctor ordered. With this new Program, every one of a Cloud Service Provider’s customers can have their own dedicated limit of data breach & loss insurance.

Data Breach coverage items Cloud Service clients will have on this program are as follows: Forensic Audit Expenses – costs of a security assessment conducted by a qualified assessor to determine cause and extent of a data security event, Data Restoration Expenses – costs for a client to restore, recreate or recollect electronic data that was damaged or lost as a result of an event, and Compliance Penalties – civil fines or penalties imposed against a client by a government entity or agency, or a monetary assessment imposed by a payment card association (such as PCI/DSS). A strong Cloud security strategy should include cyber security insurance. With a solid policy backing up your organization, you’ll ensure optimal protection and mitigation before an attack, and strategies and plans in place for dealing with an attack after the fact.

Business owners are encouraged to seek insurance coverage against any type of virus, malware, or data breach. In the event of a data breach, cyber insurance by DataSurer covers legal, court-issued, or customer compensation expenses, allowing you to focus on rebuilding customer relationships and trust. Just owning this type of insurance coverage adds enormous credibility and confidence in your firm. The cyber insurance experts at DataSurer are ready to analyze your needs, and offer the latest in insurance protection available from their menu of “A” rated carriers. Sleep without worrying about cyber attacks, procure data breach insurance today.

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