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FarewellCell offers people the ability to sell used Cell Phones or Tablets with ease in three easy steps: Get A Quote, Ship It, Get Paid.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, December 24, 2014, It’s time to get those old and broken Cell Phones and Tablets out of the drawers, they are worth money. Thanks to a program offered by FarewellCell.com, it is an easy task to turn them into cash. Consumers are surprised at how much their old and broken electronic devices are worth. This can be a great way to raise some extra cash for Holiday Shopping, or any other needs. Many people have taken advantage of this service, and report that it was hassle free, and that their website was user friendly and easy to navigate.

FarewellCell.com is determined to dominate this arena, and they are well on their way to doing just that. It doesn’t get any easier to sell an old or broken Cell Phone, Tablet, Gaming Console or Smart Watch, than on their specially designed website. It is as easy as 1-2-3. Find the device on their website, indicate the condition, get the price quote, print the shipping label, and send it to FarewellCell. Their Payouts are the quickest in the industry, according to a company spokesperson. They will send out a check usually within 24-hours of receiving the device.

The company reports that consumers will now have the ability to buy used cell phones and electronics from our surplus inventory. These include broken and used cell phones, Xbox 360 units, tablets and much more. During a recent interview, Darron Crowe, CEO of FarewellCell, had this to say: “After extensive experience of dealing with alternate selling outlets, we have decided to offer consumers the ability to purchase broken and used devices straight from the source at Farewellcell.com.” He goes on to say: “This allows us to offer the same products at a much more reasonable price then having to include third party fees with the purchase price which results in offering the consumer the absolute best price.”

FarewellCell.com recommends to make sure to erase all personal data on the phone, and if it’s broken, choose a recycler that will look to fix the phone and erase the data. Most online sites will have a Privacy Policy in place that will protect from any wrong doing. This is a much better approach than selling it to another individual who may repair the device and have access to the personal information that once existed on the phone. Not only do they pay-out the top industry prices, but their site also has a Blog with very informative articles about all sorts of electronic devices.

For complete information, please visit: FarewellCell.com

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