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New York City and surrounding area residents are rejoicing with the launching of a premier real-estate website that changes the game in home buying.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, January 28, 2015, The world of NYC Real Estate has been forever changed with the launch of CityRaven.com. This unique transactional online real estate marketplace is the brainchild of its founders Val Tsanev and Ula Dzhuraboev, who wanted to make the home buying process more time efficient and cost effective. No doubt about it, they have succeeded in changing the way home buying real estate transactions take place, and have created quite a buzz on the Home Buying Forums and Blogs.

CityRaven is the first such site to give potential buyers two options:

• The buyer can hire a pre-qualified real estate broker, allowed on CityRaven by invitation only.

• Or the buyer can use the proprietary online buying platform of CityRaven, and go through the buying process without hiring a broker and receive a 1.5%+ rebate.

While this is clearly unprecedented, it gets better. CityRaven’s proprietary patent pending online platform enables potential buyers to search 95% of all available homes for sale in the New York City area. At the same time, they can contact pre-qualified real estate agents, real estate attorneys, lenders, title representatives and go through the home buying process online. The result is a streamlined home buying process that translates into closing deals quickly, instead of the normal four months, down to a few weeks. This will no doubt benefit all involved stakeholders.

Each of the 10,000+ homes listed on CityRaven has a “Start Buying Process” button ready to be clicked by the potential home buyer. This is where they are given the option to either contact a pre-qualified buyer’s agent, or use CityRaven’s proprietary step-by-step online buying platform to go through the buying process on their own. If potential buyer decides to use proprietary online platform, the buyer will receive thousands of dollars back at closing in the form of a purchase price rebate, and this has astounded the competition.

Val and Ula realized there must be a better and more efficient way to buy a home, CityRaven is that way. It is transforming this arcane and cumbersome process by bringing it online, centralizing all of its elements and actors, and unlocking great social and monetary value for all stakeholders involved including real estate agents, attorneys, lenders and title representatives. The future of Home Buying is here today, and it will forever be known as CityRaven.

For complete information, please visit: CityRaven……..The Future of Home Buying

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