Ascenergy – growing by making oil well investments available via the latest technology.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, February 17, 2015, Ascenergy is the first oil and gas exploration firm to take advantage of the capital-raising opportunities made possible by the JOBS act to make its product available to investors via crowdfunding. With it’s ability to offer investment opportunities to the public, Ascenergy is taking advantage of growth opportunities available to nimble, low-cost operators like themselves.

Their business model is a unique blend of traditional commodities meets new investing technology, and the startup believes it’s positioned for success. Further, Ascenergy is a bit more investor-focused by giving a guarantee that buyers will get paid before the company sees any return on its operations.

“Our core team knows how it feels to have investment monies diluted by operational expenses,” said Ascenergy CEO Joey Gabaldon. “We’re using high technology, an environmental approach and common sense to pay investors from gross revenues before other expenses. We stand behind this process.”

Ascenergy’s existing operations feature:

• Two existing wells with plans for at least five wells in the future

• More than $2 million invested to-date, $2.7 million raised via first funding round!

• Ten professions on the Ascenergy team with complementary skills

• More than a century of experience in business, technology and the environment

With these resources, Ascenergy is poised to capitalize on the high demand for oil and gas. The EIA has indicated the need for petroleum is rising by about 10% over the next ten years – even with the world’s efforts to create green vehicles and dwellings. Ascenergy supports environmentally aware drilling, too, by avoiding horizontal shale fracking and other techniques that may damage the Earth.

“Our sandstone drilling operations not only work out better for investors and our companies’ ROI,” said Gabaldon. “But they have a drastically lower impact on the planet than Shale operations.”

About The Company:

Ascenergy is a well-diversified startup based in Newport Beach, CA. Founded in 2012 by Joey Gabaldon, the company concentrates its efforts on low-cost Texas shale drilling for oil and natural gas. The company has $5.7 million in projected operational budget for 2015 and is also focused on philanthropic endeavors that benefit the planet.

More information can be found at ascenergy.com.

Wally King
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