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New website makes enjoying the Paleo Diet a simple task. More effective time in the kitchen equals time and money saved, and healthy meals for the family. Prepare a week of meals in 60-minutes.

DENVER, COLORADO, April 14, 2015, The Paleo Diet is all the rage because of its proven health-restoring benefits. Many people find it a daunting task to sustain a Paleo Diet, the meal planning becomes overwhelming. The reason most people fail is because it is perceived to be so time intensive to prepare fresh meals from scratch, and because of the expenses involved. It doesn’t have to be that way, and 20Dishes.com is making a big difference for people seeking to begin and sustain one of the popular Paleo Diet Plans. The site offers 3 distinct types of Paleo Diets, complete with Recipes and instructions to teach people how to proceed with their Paleo meal planning the easy way. Everything is laid out, this is Paleo eating made easy.

20Dishes.com site members have a myriad of recipes to choose from, and even are provided shopping lists and step-by-step prep plans. Every week, new meal plans are posted on the site. Just print out the shopping list and head for the grocery store. The objective is to get people in and out of the kitchen in such a way that they have more time to spend doing the things they enjoy most. Choose from the Paleo Diet, the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP), or the Low FODMAP Diet. The founders of the site have all had their lives enhanced by the Paleo Diet. 20Dishes’ Blog provides a wealth of informative articles and advice.

The Paleo Diet meal plan places its main focus on the basic principles of the diet, which includes fresh vegetables, quality proteins, and nuts/seeds. Each recipe is carefully chosen for its simplicity of preparation, as well as just being delicious. This Paleo Meal Plan serves-up a mix of family favorites, slow cooker meals, tasty sides, and much more. The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Diet will remove the foods that have a toxic reaction in the body and cause inflammation. This allows the body to heal itself in the gut and immune system. Inflammation is behind every major disease that menaces the human body. Living a life with IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is not a happy life. The Low FODMAP Diet acts as a healing tool for such people afflicted with IBS. This plan will stimulate the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, and eliminate stomach dysbiosis, (microbial imbalance).

Member Testimonials have been pouring in and show how happy people are with the meal plans and recipes. Take a look at what Connie S. had to say: “I used to hate cooking because I would end up eating the same thing week after week. Thank you for the variety of delicious recipes. Even my super-picky husband enjoys them.”, or Janet G.:”I thought I was doomed to spend hours in the kitchen. 20 Dishes made what I thought to be impossible, VERY possible, Simply Amazing.”

For complete information, please visit: 20Dishes.com………Paleo Made Easy

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