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Smart phones have taken the world by storm and have been well-received by consumers, but with the advancement of technology comes IoT smart devices. An IoT Smart device is a device that can be programmed to meet each users’ requirements.

Irvine, CA, April 17, 2015 – has made headlines this week with the release of their Internet of Things smart device. Pound Nine Technology was founded in 2015 by Brad Warezak and has burst onto the scene with over 20-years of experience in the technology industry. Today’s announcement comes on the heels of their successful production of several prototypes.

Pound Nine’s Personalized News Wire provides a new medium for accessing a variety of personalized content. It is a simplistically designed device, structured to sit on a desktop, and continually stream live updates from data sources selected. The device connects in real time to social media, email, stock quotes, sports scores as well as various news sources.

Pound Nine’s IoT smart device works by being configured to a  user account. Within the account management page, a user selects information sources to send to their device. Sources of information are either public – News, Stocks, Sports – or personal content – Social Media or Email. For personal content, the user will authorize the data sources to allow the device access to their content. This authorization process is performed via industry standard OAuth implementations. A user will simply enter their logon information and the accounts will be securely linked.

During a recent trade show, the company spokesperson for Pound Nine Technology was quoted as saying, “Pound Nine Technology is a start-up founded with the inspiration to create easy-to-use IoT enabled devices that provide real time access to information. The company has produced its first batch of prototypes through partnerships to design, develop, and manufacture the product. We are excited to proceed to the next step.”

To learn more about Pound Nine Technology’s latest product release, visit their official website at or simply .

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