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“The BEST Job Interview Advice Book gives readers a candid look at what they need to say and do to impress recruiters and hiring managers. The book provides valuable “must-have” tips relating to the entire interview process.”

Pfafftown, North Carolina, July 5, 2015, In this super competitive job market, job seekers need an “edge” to help them secure that coveted position. It is quite common for job seekers to encounter a multitude of applicants seeking the same position. While qualifications vary, so do the presentations given by job seekers at the interview. It is difficult enough to secure the interview, but the objective is to present oneself in such a manner that the interviewer is impressed and most of all, will remember the applicant. Thanks to Devay Campbell, PHR, and her recently released book, “The BEST Job Interview Advice Book”, anyone can become a job interview superstar, and have an “edge” over their competition.

“The BEST Job Interview Advice Book” is the result of years of interviewing candidates, many months of painstaking research and organizing the editorial contributions of 15 of the top HR professionals on the planet. Together, they represent over 210 years of interviewing advice. With the aid of this well written book, job seekers will never have to go into an interview unprepared, not knowing how to present themselves in the best light. After all, there are things that should not be said, and there are things that must be said. The job interview can be the only opportunity one has to secure the position. Devay’s book provides valuable “must-have” tips that relate to the entire interview process.

Readers will gain valuable insight into: How to protect and improve one’s personal brand, How to answer tough interview questions, Networking, Types of interview questions, Handling job offer negotiations, and more. One of the goals of this book is to give the reader an up close and personal look at the interview process from the experts’ point of view. Devay has assembled 15 diverse, phenomenal professionals from the USA, India, South Africa, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. She wants readers to understand that what happens before, during and after the interview are equally important. Devay has aimed to provide job seekers with the tools and knowledge to handle each part of the interview in one book.

About the Author:

Devay Campbell is a Career Coach, certified Human Resources professional and certified Targeted Selection Interviewer. She is also the author of “The BEST Job Interview Advice Book”. Devay has 10 years’ experience providing career coaching services to individuals and groups. She is the CEO and founder of Career 2 Cents an online career coaching and advice service. Ms. Campbell has provided coaching sessions to executives and hiring managers relating to interviewing, candidate selection, employment law and handling employee related conflicts.

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