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Magic Mist Cartridges are compatible with over 50 E-Cig Brands at prices up to 30% lower than other top E-cig brands.

Chicago, Illinois, July 30, 2015, E-Cig users were delighted to hear the news that Magic Mist cartridges are compatible with just about every major E-Cig brand on the market. The company reports that not only have they solved the compatibility issues, but they have been able to offer these products at drastically reduced prices. E-Cig users have resigned themselves to the hassle of locating high quality cartridges compatible with their favorite brand. All that has changed! Thanks to the team at Magic Mist.

Magic Mist has done nothing less than revolutionized the E-Cigarette industry by introducing the most innovative products: universal cartridges, batteries and chargers that are compatible with more than 50 other electronic cigarette brands, such as: V2-Cigs, Green Smoke, AlternaCig, Blu-Cigs, Logic Ecig, MISTIC Ecigs, NJOY, and more. Not only are the Magic Mist products compatible with so many other E-Cigarettes, but they offer the highest quality, best flavor and a smooth throat hit. One of the best things about Magic Mist is that their costs are up to 30% lower than the other top e-cigarette brands.

What makes Magic Mist unique is that their cartridges have more fluid to last longer and yield a thicker vapor. The E-juice used in the cartridges is the result of outstanding work of Magic Mist’s in-house Research & Development Department. The cartridges are internally developed so that they can maintain complete control over the quality, quantity, and nicotine strength in each cartridge. Everything is verified by their onsite Quality Control Inspector who tests and ensures the highest quality and consistency in Magic Mist products.

Magic Mist cartridges come in either a rich, traditional Tobacco or refreshing, cool-mint Menthol flavor. Nicotine levels can be selected from 0mg (No Nicotine), 6mg (Low), 12mg (Medium), 18mg (High), and 24mg (X-High) to suit customer’s specific needs.

Magic Mist also sells batteries and chargers compatible with all major brands. Additionally, they also sell many different Vape products, Starter kits, E-liquids, tanks and other accessories. For a limited time, Magic Mist is offering free shipping for orders over $25.00, and first time customers can automatically take advantage of 20% off their first order.

During an interview, a company spokesperson made these comments: “In continuing to do what we do best, we will continue to add more and more companies in our list for whom we would have compatible products. The only thing I will say is that I request all my friends who smoke and who want to quit smoking, give an E-cig a serious try and you might be surprised.”

About Magic Mist:

Magic Mist is based out of Chicago, IL. The E-Cigarette company is committed to providing the highest quality products with the best customer service possible. Magic Mist has extensively analyzed customer reviews and worked with suppliers to improve the quality of their refill cartridges. Their customer service has been rated very highly by its customers. If the customer is unsatisfied for any reason, the company will happily refund 100% of the value of the product if returned within 30-days of purchase. Magic Mist recently opened up its UK office in London, UK.

For complete information, please visit: www.themagicmist.com

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