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FoodNiche is an online community that serves to connect trusted individuals with a passion for healthy eating.

New York City, New York, September 8, 2015, The idea for FoodNiche was born out of a desire to see people develop healthier eating habits in spite of their busy lifestyles. Recent polls have reported that the majority of Americans would like to improve their eating habits, lose weight and attain better health, but find it challenging to adopt and maintain healthier diets. The FoodNiche platform provides guidance and networking for both individuals and businesses.

FoodNiche is the solution: nutrition experts, chefs, home cooks and adventurous foodies engage with one another on ways to clean up their diets, sharpen their culinary skills, share recipes and locate restaurants in line with their healthy eating goals and food preferences. The site allows people to channel their food-related interests into a single platform where they can build recipe albums, participate in common interest groups, and receive recommendations or advice from friends on the latest trends. Behavioral studies indicate that the accountability and encouragement received from having a strong social network like that of FoodNiche, can significantly improve consumption of fruits and vegetables.

One of the ways they engage people is by creating fun and purposeful activities, such as the NourishX challenge. The NourishX Challenge is an opportunity presented by FoodNiche to help people revitalize their diet and create a healthier eating habit. This is a bi-monthly challenge where participants commit to consume nutrient-rich foods. During this period they share their experience, gain inspiration and support from their peers on the FoodNiche website. The focus is only on consuming nutrient-dense foods, so there is no need to count calories or grams of fat, protein or carbohydrates.

For individual users, FoodNiche provides an opportunity to: Connect with friends and family to share nutritious recipes or favorite restaurant recommendations, Engage with nutrition experts to get advice and answers to their dietary questions, Connect with restaurants and find pictures of their menu items along with nutritional information, Join different focus groups where they can find necessary information and peer support to assist them in reaching their desired nutritional goals, and download coupons and take advantage of other discounts provided by businesses.

FoodNiche serves as a platform for business users to: Attract new customers by connecting directly with their target customers, Increase customer retention by engaging with their target customers via focus groups and curated feed, Extend their reach by connecting with people in their current customer’s network, Boost their sales by offering discounts, and develop a core user group that can provide feedback on new products and product ideas.

For complete information, please visit: FoodNiche.me

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