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The Miami Sushi School launches offering two distinct classes: “Sushi Professional Class”, and their “One Day Sushi Class”.

Miami, Florida, September 11, 2015, Miami’s first ever Sushi School has announced that they are ready to begin sharing their skills. They have opened the school at: 10780 W. Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33174. The first “Sushi Professional Class” starts on Monday, September 28th. The application Fee is $200.00. Tuition includes a set of Japanese knives and a professional Sushi Chef uniform. Seems like a great way to enter the world of Sushi preparation. The “One Day Sushi Class” will begin on Saturday, September 26th, at 1pm and will be scheduled for every Saturday. This class teaches how to make maki sushi- rolls, including how to make sushi rice. It also includes a Makisu (bamboo roller) for students to use and take home.

The Basic Sushi Professional Skills and Knowledge I program is 80-hours of hands-on training spanning a four-week period. The next start date is September 28th, thereafter: October 19th, and November 16th of 2015. The 2016 class schedule is set for: January 11th, February 8th, March 7th, April 4th and May 2nd. Chef Hiroshi would like his students to understand the meaning of real Japanese food along with Japanese culture and history. He has witnessed many Chefs who are not able to answer customer’s questions regarding such thinks as: “Where did the Makisu originate?” He believes it is important to understand Japanese culture in order to create an authentic taste of Japanese food. In this course, Chef Hiroshi will introduce various ingredients used in Japanese food. Students can be sure that tasting is a vital part of the course.

Each week will introduce a new section of the course. It all begins with: Rice Preparation for Sushi and Cutting Skills, Basic Roll Making, Ingredients and Preparation for Roll Making, and the last week will focus on Cutting Technique and a Roll Making Test. In the “One Day Sushi Class”, students will learn how to cook Japanese rice, View a Fish Cutting demonstration, learn ingredients in Japanese, learn how to order in Japanese (to impress a Japanese chef), learn how to make different types of sushi: Maki, Hand Roll, Nigiri & more. Upon completion, all students will receive: A $200 credit towards Sushi Professional Class, a booklet containing vocabulary of Japanese sushi, and a professional sushi rolling mat to get started.

Chef Hiroshi was born in Osaka, Japan. He knew he wanted to become a Sushi Chef at a young age. He had a dream of becoming a chef and moved to Tokyo to pursue his dream. For over 20 years he worked at various restaurants throughout Tokyo and Chiba. In 1997, he had his eyes set on moving to the United States to take a bite of the Big Apple and moved to New York City. In NYC he worked at various restaurants such as the Kabuki and Yamaguchi Japanese restaurants as Head Sushi Chef. After a while, he moved to Miami feeling the need to get out of the cold and experience Miami’s vibrant atmosphere, and has worked at various restaurants such as Sushi Hana, Matsuri, World Resource Café, and Toni’s Sushi Bar as Head Chef. Chef Hiroshi also volunteers in the community teaching, yoga, and tai chi.

For complete information, please visit: The Miami Sushi School

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