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It is no secret that in today’s global economy it has become necessary to find ways to supplement and find new sources of income. As old income streams dry up, more and more people are opening their eyes to the multi-billion dollar industry known as Network Marketing.

Ft. Washington, MD – Sept 24, 2015, Today, Moats Coaching CEO Damon Moats has announced the release of his new book titled “How To Make A Million Dollars Part Time and Retire Early.” Although the title may seem a bit provocative, any one that knows Damon Moats knows that he means business and has now decided to reveal the same methods he has used to make millions in Network Marketing and Direct Sales. Sure, there is a common story that “only the people at the top” make money in Network Marketing, this is not true, but the secrets unveiled in Damon’s new book will help you become a top money earner in whichever company you are a part of or decide to join.

Damon Moats, CEO of MoatsCoaching started out in 1988, and just like everyone else he had a dream of making big money in the industry. It didn’t happen in his first or second stab at it, but by employing enough drive, determination, and stick-to-itiveness, he made that dream a reality. Fast forward to 2015, Damon has made millions thanks to network marketing and has now focused his attention to training people that were just like him. The only difference is that he knows what it takes to become successful in Network Marketing, something that perplexes many people and they often give up right when they are on the brink of success.

In his new book, he provides step-by-step how-to advice on choosing the right company, upline, sponsor and product mix that fits your personality. He explains why you would want to join a company that has a product mix that you would be excited to promote. Choosing the wrong product can translate to failure before launch, one secret that many people are unaware of. He also goes into detail about how-to research each company’s compensation plan before you begin your marketing campaign, because by then it can be too late. You don’t want to wait until you receive your first commission check to realize that this company’s compensation plan is way too anemic to keep the team you are building excited enough to continue building their teams and their customer bases.

During a recent press conference, Damon Moats was quoted as saying, “This book is an Expose on the incredible revenue rise in the network marketing industry with certain companies that have come to dominate this industry.” He went on to say, “The book shows you how you can be financially successful in the company you choose to work with using both high-tech and low-tech sales methods. The book is a how-to on creating wealth.”

As they say, the proof is in the pudding and “How To Make A Million Dollars Part Time and Retire Early” has already received raving reviews with no signs of letting up. One reader said, “I shared the book with my husband and he was so enlightened that I am having a tough time prying the book out of his hands now.” Another reviewer left this comment, “I must admit I was a skeptic of Network Marketing, until I got my first commission check using the information found in Damon’s new book. I can also say that without Damon Moats’ help and guidance, I probably never would have started this…let alone be in a position that I can now see how I can pay off my mortgage early, thanks to Damon’s how-to build strategies on how to build your teams and your income.”

To learn more or to purchase a copy of Damon Moats newest release, “How To Make A Million Dollars Part Time and Retire Early” visit his official website at http://www.moatscoaching.com or click here.

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