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Bozeman residents now have access to the most qualified Chiropractic Physicians in the area. Pro-Chiropractic features state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatments, and a staff that really cares about its patients.

BELGRADE, MONTANA, October 5, 2015, Great news for residents of Bozeman, Montana, as Pro-Chiropractic opens their new location. The same high level of Chiropractic care that is available at their other locations is now available at Bozeman to help people heal from injuries and improve their state of wellness. Pro-Chiropractic has a team of the best trained and most Certified physicians that can be seen anywhere. Differentiating between Chiropractors can be reduced to comparing their credentials. Just graduating from a Chiropractic college and doing an internship is not enough these days. There are so many sub-specialties in Chiropractic care, such as Functional Taping, Manual Therapy Techniques, Extremity Chiropractic Adjustments, Custom Foot Orthotics and more, that it’s easy to check certifications to see how qualified a physician or clinic is.

The fact of the matter is that people travel from many miles away to seek out the Chiropractic Physicians at Pro-Chiropractic. It’s all because of their three-part dedication to their patients. They promise to offer the latest and best chiropractic diagnostics and treatments, the most highly trained and competent chiropractic physicians, and a genuinely caring staff to serve you. Pro-Chiropractic’s team at the Bozeman and Belgrade locations include chiropractors Dr. Jonathan Wilhelm, Dr. William D. Bradley, Dr. Flynn J. Vick and Dr. Shea Stark, who utilize state-of-the-art treatments including:

• Specific chiropractic adjustments for the spine and joints

• Chiropractic physiotherapy, including moist heat, vibratory massage, electric muscle stimulation, hydrotherapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), therapeutic ultrasound, and cold laser therapy

• Soft tissue therapy utilizing Graston IASTM, Fascial Manipulation, and Active Myofascial Release

• Functional taping with SPRT taping, Rocktape functional movement taping, Kinesiology tape, and more….

• DRX9000C Spinal Decompression Therapy

• A unique partnership with Pro Physio, their partner clinic offering licensed Physical Therapy

Specialized equipment such as the DRX9000C Spinal Decompression instrument has saved many patients the risks involved with invasive surgical procedures to repair herniated discs. By correcting the inter-vertebral spacing with the DRX9000C, the vertebral discs are able to retract into the corrected spacing.

Bozeman residents will also now have access to all of the adjunctive therapies enjoyed by residents of Pro-Chiropractic’s other locations. It’s easy to see why Pro-Chiropractic stands-out in the medical community. Professional athletes as well as everyday folks make it their choice for quality care because it has such highly trained and certified chiropractic physicians. Their use of the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques help to ensure a positive outcome, and the caring staff makes patients feel at ease.

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