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Architeckie is an innovative Customer Sourcing Portal for B2B service providers from prospects communicating their transition needs in real time.

San Jose, California, November 30, 2015, Everybody has endured the experience of using the Internet to locate a business or government office. Oftentimes, after investing a tankful of gasoline, and several hours of one’s time, it is discovered that the info that was secured off the net is worthless. How about going to a Government office to find a sign that says to go to another address, and when you arrive at the new address, it is not open. These frustrating experiences are what prompted Architeckie.com to create and launch a unique information portal which enables the public to verify and/or discover vital info about both public and private sector entities.

When a business is about to make a move, or add a new location, it is a brilliant idea to have a sort of “Clearing House” where people can go and find out the actual locations, times of operation, etc. Architeckie’s intelligent platform is designed to bring order to the chaos of business transition periods, allowing market players to earn relevant and timely visibility resulting in greater awareness, attention, interest and traffic. Transition periods traditionally create havoc and misinformation, leading to reduced sales and profitability. Those times that offer specific sales and buying windows include: Coming Soon/Grand Opening, Moving/Moved, Closing/Closed, Vacant, For Sale, For Lease and others.

Architeckie.com serves not only to inform customers and clients, but service providers – this ensures that businesses, nonprofits and government offices find the solutions to their needs during transition periods, from plumbing to electrical services and more. The site is user friendly and easy to navigate. It is intelligently presented showing all that the site offers, such as: Shopping, Schools, Malls, Hospitals, Outlets, Downtown, Shopping Centers, Government Departments and Offices, Automobile, Entertainment, Food, Coffee, Business, Non-Profits, Library and more. Architeckie is establishing itself as the place to visit before leaving home or office hoping to find what you think is at your destination. This site will not only save a lot of money for folks, but also reduce the daily stress in venturing out to take a trip to a desired destination.

For complete information, please visit: Architeckie.com

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