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“An enticing and enlightening guide to unlocking creative powers and moving toward self-realization.” FOREWORD REVIEWS

Chicago, Illinois, January 20, 2016, The new book release by Amara Honeck sets a new paradigm in the Law of Attraction, finally a book about manifestation that actually works. Her book, “Creative Meditation and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life” is written in a very “relatable” way that makes the reader feel as if they are sitting in the same room with the author as she expounds. In the world of self-help, visualization and manifestation types of books, such as “Law of Attraction”, the emphasis has always been misplaced. Just thinking about material gains is the wrong emphasis. Manifestation involves a much deeper level of enlightenment, and Amara Honeck has laid out an interactive study program to guide the reader towards self-realization.

When a thought is created, it becomes its own energy signal which is released into the ethers. It never dies, which is why Positive thoughts can exert positive influences, and the opposite is true of negative thoughts. It is all a matter of doing a little training of the mind. It starts with understanding one’s place in the universe and tapping into the innate powers that are inside waiting to be harnessed. What people need is a methodology and this book is a powerful tool that can transform the reader. It is said that change comes from within, and Amara explains how to include the sub-conscious mind.

“Creative Meditation and Manifestation” is a 21-day interactive workbook that engages readers on many levels and offers easy-to-understand and powerful guidance on: Learning to be mindful using a simple technique to bring oneself fully into the present, Creating your life by giving you real tools for learning to change your thoughts and thought process, Using a simple form of meditation to quiet your mind chatter so you can get to the real issues and goals in your life, Focusing your thoughts, words and actions to become who you were meant to be, Redirecting negative thoughts into positive thoughts so you can co-create a beautiful life, and Helping you create a life filled with joy by empowering you with Creative Meditation and Manifestation tools to win back your autonomy.

Industry Reviews have been phenomenal. Noted reviewer, Forward Reviews, made these comments: “Creative Meditation and Manifestation is a refreshing and enriching exploration of ways to develop what author Amara Honeck calls “creative powers,” designed to spark mindfulness and inspire action toward the realization of one’s goals. In this twenty-one day program, Honeck examines the attitudes or actions that she believes will ultimately help people to be more insightful, manifest life changes, and reach their full potential. Honeck devotes a chapter to each of the twenty-one practices, clearly defining each power, why it is important, how to use it, and how to bypass any obstacles that appear when trying to implement it.” They go on to say: “Honeck’s simple presentation of the creative powers is extremely inviting. The unique and dynamic layout of each page leaves at least one third of the page for what Honeck calls “creative interaction” in doodles/Zentangles and journal lines. This lends to the book’s visual aesthetic, and is creatively inspiring in addition to being informative.”

Kirkus Reviews, the premier Industry’s reviewer, had this to say: “In this book, she seeks to cover “deeper aspects of manifestation that don’t seem to be talked about often enough in the manifestation process. POWERS like meditation, thought, visualization, forgiveness, compassion, prayer, surrender, writing, belief, trust, and 11 more POWERS you already have access to.” Honeck offers discussion and then activities to develop these powers, giving a chapter to each, which also include intent, gratitude, sacred space, mindfulness, I AM (affirmations), wording (of thoughts), emotion, vibrational frequency, perception, allowing, and inspired action. A practical, well-structured primer that promotes the power of positive thinking.”

Amara Honeck has successfully followed several career paths before finding her true passion – that of shamanic practitioner, counselor and author. Years ago, her life changed dramatically. She’d been interested in the spiritual world before, but had struggled with meditation and focus, eventually leaving it all behind. A friend introduced her to shamanic theories and a method of spiritual counseling with the goal of life-enlightenment and problem-solving in order to discover one’s own spiritual power. A whole world of learning, understanding, and joy unfolded for her and she further pursued this path.

Amara studied with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, gaining understanding and expertise in shamanic practices, soul retrieval, and healing methods. She is certified in crystal healing, Akashic record reading, Reiki, and Tibetan sound bowl healing – her favorite modality for healing body and soul. She has attended the internationally-known Monroe Institute, studying extended states of consciousness, as well as healing, meditation, and dreamwork. As her development continued, she became a shamanic practitioner and counselor herself, helping clients to better understand ordinary and non-ordinary reality and how, through various techniques to merge the two, one can obtain the highest and best goals in life by winning back their own autonomy.

For complete information, please visit: www.amarahoneck.com/

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