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It’s all about making 2016 the best year ever. Dr.Julie penned this guidebook to help people learn how to achieve their New Years Resolutions.

Lake Bluff, Illinois, February 3, 2016, Every New Year’s Eve millions of people the world over make resolutions to better their lives in some way. Some people make a resolution to lose weight, do more exercise, more quality time with the family, to think positive, just to name a some. The problem is that within a short amount of time, those resolutions are a distant memory. It doesn’t have to be that way and Dr. Julie McLaughlin, of McLaughlin Care in Lake Bluff, has written a book that will act as a blueprint to achieving success with resolutions. She shows that her talents are many and she is also a master wordsmith. Her new book, “Achieving The Healthy New You…….Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever” is available as a free download.

“Achieving The Healthy New You” has 8 interesting chapters full of tips and practical information about getting and maintaining a path to success. The book starts out by explaining why many New Year’s Resolutions Fail, and continues on: The Secret To Making Habits Stick, “Eat Better” Tips For The New You, “Move Better” Tips That Work, The Truth About Cardio Exercise, “Think Better” In The New Year, Lifestyle Changes That Make Sense and Take Action For The New You. Dr. Julie’s new book helps people to organize their thinking to change their lives.

About McLaughlin Care:

McLaughlin Care has brought health care solutions to the community for over 25-years. They specialize in natural solutions, without the use of drugs or surgery, through lifestyle modifications. Dr. McLaughlin is an educator, speaker, chiropractor, acupuncturist, nutritionist, and CEO that delivers exceptional healthcare to thousands. She combines her knowledge and experience in these areas to deliver one of the best creative approaches to Wellness in healthcare today. Dr.McLaughlin is widely regarded as a mentor to wellness doctors, chiropractors and wellness advocates. She recently commented: “We have a health care solution, not just another Bandaid fix for our broken heatlh care system. Since we started “8 Weeks to Wellness”, patients have learned how to improve their health and wellbeing via a proven physician supported process without having to endure the struggle with sheer willpower.”

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