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DocVerify Electronic Notary system allows notarial acts to be completed electronically without any paper. It serves as a powerful form of authentication for documents that require a notary.

Irvine, California, June 21, 2016, DocVerify, the leading and most trusted electronic notary platform, providing secure e-notarizations since 2008, is today announcing the release of their new remote notarization feature allowing Virginia notaries to provide remote notarizations for their clients or organizations. In 2012, Virginia became the first state to allow commissioned notaries to perform remote notarizations over a web cam.

The new feature is part of the existing secure e-notary platform allowing the notary and all of the participants to view each other, while the notary performs the notarial act over a web cam. The system will also provide identity verification services in the event the participant is not personally known to the notary. It permits the notary to not only provide remote notarization services to their clients, but allows the notary to keep almost all the fees they collect for the notarial act, unlike many remote based notary providers today. It also makes it easy for Enterprises to offer this service to their existing customer base using their existing VA commissioned employed notaries. The platform also has a full suite of API’s allowing Enterprises to also automate the process by seamlessly integrating directly into their existing workflows for on-demand notarizations.

The way it works is simple. When the notary wants to perform a remote notarial act, they will attach a document to be uploaded, and enter the information just as they do today. In order to activate the remote notarization feature, the notary will simply click another button found on the page. Once activated, all the participants will receive an email in order to start the verification process as required by VA. The notary can either wait for them to complete it or they can complete it on their own. When the notary is ready, and the participants are ready, the notary can start the web cam session with the click of a button.

The notary will now go through the process as they normally would, and DocVerify will automatically record and archive the critical portions of notarial act. Once that is done, the notary finalizes the transaction, and the act is complete. All of this is done in not only a secure environment, but DocVerify also fully maintains the chain of custody while utilizing some of the most advanced encryption technologies to protect the documents. DocVerify also retains the recording, automatically creates electronic journals, and complete audit trails for the notaries as well using DocVerify’s proven platform.

The power of DocVerify’s remote notary platform comes from allowing the notary to be in control of the process by being able to determine the rates or fees they want to charge, and being able to create an entirely new business for themselves using the DocVerify e-Notary platform.

In addition, DocVerify is now also providing Trusted Certificates directly allowing the notary to purchase the state required digital certificate with one easy click. Currently, in order for a notary to comply with the state law they must have a digital certificate, which can be a confusing and complicated process for most. DocVerify has essentially simplified the process to the point with one click the certificate is ordered, and with another click it is automatically sent as an application to the state on the notary’s behalf.

To find out more about DocVerify’s electronic notary services, visit the company at: http://www.DocVerify.com

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