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The new data sharing service, www.reashare.com has been set up to protect property sellers from time wasters and potential fraudulent property transactions.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, July 19, 2016, Launching today, Reashare.com is a ground breaking new data sharing service, pioneering transparency in international real estate that can be used by agents, sellers and buyers. Reashare is a secure third party go-between aimed at making property transactions, safer, more transparent and faster.

There are two major problems agents and sellers face when listing their properties online. The first is time wasters – people that don’t have the funds available and people wasting sellers time by viewing properties as a hobby and the second, and more sinister, is property fraud.

Reashare has been set up to complement the newly launched Vamoove.com, an innovative new concept in buying and selling property. Properties listed on Vamoove include real estate from all over the world, and off market, BMV and pre-auction properties, rarely found anywhere online.

What makes Vamoove unique is that buyers have to prequalify before they can look at a property. They have to register their proof of funds by either a lender’s letter or bank statement. No one can see this information apart from the potential seller. Reashare has been set up as a third party platform to hold this information in a secure place.

Once an agent lists a property on any site, anywhere in the world, potential buyers have access to property details. Until now there has been no way of checking a potential buyers’ or sellers’ credentials. This leaves agents and sellers vulnerable to potential fraud and it can also put buyers at risk of losing their money.

By using Reashare (for which there is a small fee) sellers can avoid potentially illegal activity and buyers can eliminate the risk of losing funds in dodgy deals involving identity theft, money laundering and fraud. In a case recently reported in the Daily Mail thieves stole a homeowners’ identity, listed her house online and sold it to someone for USD 1.7M. The buyer’s cash disappeared into a bank account overseas.

What www.reashare.com does is provide the third party platform for Vamoove members, or anyone else involved in a property transaction, to register their interest in a property, to share information and to ensure that transactions are transparent and genuine.

With increasing numbers of people buying property online from overseas, the problem for becoming a victim of fraud is international. In the UK alone, the Metropolitan Police revealed in 2015 that British property purchases worth more than USD 240+ million were being investigated as the likely proceeds of corruption.

Not only does using Reashare protect against dodgy deals it speeds up the transaction as negotiations will not start till there is proof of funds in place.

Lukas Sheen, property developer and internet entrepreneur, set up Reashare as a partner site to the newly launched Vamoove.com. “I wanted to create something that would protect both buyers and sellers using websites to buy and sell property. The aim of Reashare is to provide an extra layer of protection. It gives both buyers and sellers the opportunity to check credentials, to make sure they are both who they say they are, long before a potential buyer has even stepped over the doorstep to have a look around”, says Sheen.

For complete information, please visit: www.reashare.com and www.vamoove.com

About Reashare:

How it works:

The buyer registers their details free on www.reashare.com.

No financial details are taken online and every account is completely private.

The buyer requests information about particular properties from the agent who can then make an informed decision about the buyer based on the details provided.

The agent, having done his due diligence on the buyer, can either accept or decline the buyer’s request to view the property based on the information provided by the buyer.

By securely sharing this data on Reashare, only the two parties involved in the transaction can see the information, the agent/seller can then use the information provided to conduct their own due diligence on the authenticity of the potential buyer or client.

This simple process can protect the agent and seller from potential unforeseen fraudulent activity, it shows whether the buyer is serious and it makes it easier to enter overseas real estate markets and invest abroad.

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