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“Students exposed to Yoga reported being significantly less likely to endorse revenge-motivation behavior in response to peer-related stress and reported overall less hostility than did students in the control group”

Attleboro, Massachusetts, July 28, 2016, All it takes is a review of the news to come to the conclusion that society has become more violent. How then can this violence, which is endemic throughout all strata of society, be lessened? Experts in Psychology point to the degree of parental involvement as a factor in the development of the child’s ability to resist acting out urges of violence. The involvement of schools in this regard should also be considered. It is a known fact that the practice of Yoga teaches people of all ages how to be in tune between body and mind. This would point to the fact that it should be more widely used to show the nation’s youth how to cope with stress. Bullying starts at a young age; after all, people don’t become a Bullies all of a sudden.

A study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Applied School Psychology concluded that Yoga could modulate attitudes toward violence in youth. Participants included 49 students attending an alternative education school in an urban inner-city school district. Results indicated that students, who participated in the Transformative Life Skills program, demonstrated significant reductions in anxiety, depression, and global psychological distress. The children learned through the practice of Yoga, how to control their urges to act out in a violent way, and how to “purge” themselves of these violent thoughts.

So how then is the best way to spread this knowledge of Yoga to as many young people as possible? Children are known to have limited attention spans and are often resistant to “forced learning.” The solution would be to teach them in a fun way; to have them interact and feel like they are almost playing. This is the way to reach deep into their psyche on a subconscious level. The folks at Aura Wellness Center, in Massachusetts, have been working on the development of a Yoga Teaching App for kids. It is brilliant in its simplicity.

Their new app, called “Tiki’s Yoga Journey”, captures the attention of young people and engages them in a 3d interactive medium. This wonderful new App allows parents and teachers to improve the life skills of young people. “Tiki’s Yoga Journey” prepares them to deal with stress, peer pressure, single parent families, and societal expectations.

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