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David Lovic (DM Lovic), winner of Poetry Nook’s 93rd and 95th Weekly Poetry Contests sits down with Poetry Nook’s Editor for an interview.

New York, New York, September 23, 2016, Poetry Nook’s Weekly Poetry Contest has become quite popular with over 46 entries in the 97th Weekly Poetry Contest. N. Muma Alain submitted a poem entitled “Irony” that caught the Judge’s attention and became the top entry of the week. His winning entry has appeared in Grey Mornings, Black Noons and White Nights, and has also appeared in Easy Street Magazine and Moledro Magazine. N. Muma Alain is sure to post other outstanding poems for everybody to enjoy.

Frank Watson, Editor of PoetryNook.com, was able to catch up with DM Lovic, winner of the 93rd and 95th Weekly Poetry Contests, for a one-on-one to learn about his motivations and goals. DM has been a prolific writer for over 35 years. His works include character ideas and lyrics, rhymes and observations that have been used in hundreds of songs, many poems, a few screenplays and a couple of musicals.

One of DM Lovic’s winning poems was “Thoughts on a Painting By Bouguereau (The Nut Gatherers)”. Frank posed the question: “What is the background of your poem?”. DM explains that he was familiar with Bouguereau before he saw “The Nut Gatherers”. He belonged to a writer’s group in Pittsburgh called “Writers At Work”, and was given an assignment one week to write a 600 or 700 word story on that painting. What he saw in there was something that had always been of extreme significance to him: “innocence… and maybe more particularly, innocence lost”.

Next, Frank posed the question: “Can you identify specific creative influences when you create a new work, or do they all kind of form mysteriously in your subconscious?”

DM responded: “Definitely a sub-conscious thing. Like most writers, I take in everything pretty deeply. Many writers, it seems, take in physical details and are able to use these to enhance description and bring a world that doesn’t exist into what reads like a mental reality… My brain does not retain physical details very well at all. What it does retain are emotional and psychological details – the FEELING of things. So, I wrote earlier that I feel poetry much more than I think it. And this is why. I am writing from the feelings I’ve gathered over the years, not from the details of physical things.”

Frank asked about DM’s other winning poem: “What was the inspiration for “Plague Year?”, How did you develop the theme?”

DM responds: “In 2010, I took a break from the real world and taught half-time at a Christian school. One of the classes I taught was British Literature, and one of these ideas came about after reading for class “A Journal of the Plague Year”, by Daniel Dafoe. At some point, as we read aloud, I stopped the proceedings to share a morbid idea… “What if this was a pop-up book for children?” The ideas started to fly and soon we had constructed a loose outline for A Children’s Pop-Up Book of the Plague Years, which included scratch-n-sniff, pop-out grossness and pictures of Death dancing through town, playing a flute to lure the infected rats toward his intended victims. Really, a brilliant idea when you think about it… haha.

The idea sat. A few years later, I met a brilliant artist who I thought would be perfect to illustrate such a book. In an attempt to woo him, I put together a proposal which, I thought, should include a more serious poem that would appear at the beginning of the book. Voila! On the Plague Year: London, 1665 was born.” I did not aim toward any particular meter or rhyme scheme. Although I understand form, I have always been an intuitive writer.”

The interview with DM Lovic can be viewed in its here.

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