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Poetry Nook’s Editor Interviews Laura Lovic-Lindsay, winner of Poetry Nook’s 96th Weekly Poetry Contest.

New York, New York, October 3, 2016, The PoetryNook.com not only is a destination for all types of poetry, but also some excitement with their weekly poetry contests. They recently celebrated a great milestone, their 100th Weekly Poetry Contest. Each week many poets enter their best prose to vie for the title of best poem of the week. Miles T. Ranter was just announced as the winner of the 98th Weekly Poetry Contest for his profound piece entitled, “Waiting For Dawn Atop Butterfly Mountain”. The title refers to a tall mountain in south central Sri Lanka, which is also known as Adam’s Peak, because this is the place where Adam first set foot on earth after being cast out of heaven, Sri Pada, the Sacred Footprint left by the Buddha as he headed toward paradise, or perhaps most poetically, as Samanalakande, Butterfly Mountain – where butterflies go to die. Some believe the huge “footprint” crowning the peak to be that of St. Thomas, the early apostle of India, or even of Lord Shiva.

Frank Watson, Editor of PoetryNook.com, was pleased to be able to sit down and chat with Laura Lovic-Lindsay, winner of Poetry Nook’s 96th Weekly Poetry Contest. Her winning entry was “Blue Moon River Walk”. Laura Lovic-Lindsay writes under the username “frithar” on Poetry Nook and has published many good poems that went on to win both the main prize and honorable mentions. She has also been featured in various literary publications, such as Loyalhanna Review, Young Ravens Literary Review, Time of Singing, Poppy Road Review, and others.

Frank opens with: “What is the background of your winning poem, “Blue Moon River Walk”?. Was it based on a personal experience or was it something purely driven by inspiration?

Laura responds: “I have a “thing” for the moon. When my children were very young, I took them on lantern walks at night, easily done because we home educated. No one had to get to sleep early for school. We walked miles at night, every chance we got. Spring, summer, autumn. We walked through cemeteries, lanterns swinging, telling stories. We walked to the river (we are lucky enough to live along the Allegheny River), up to the woods, through every neighborhood in our tiny town.”

Frank asks: “When did you first start writing poetry? What attracted you to it?”

Laura continues: “I was required to take two writing classes as part of my English degree. I chose poetry thinking I’d get by with some cheap haikus. Ha! I had no clue. The first class passed by, nothing great happened. During the second class, one student’s sister was killed in a car accident. Everyone was stunned.

I wanted to write something for her, something REAL, no cliches or cheating. I sat for hours, piles of crumpled mistakes all over the floor. Then it came out: “We rip flowers from the ground to plant people…” It began pouring out, then. I tossed anything I had heard said before. It needed to be fresh, honest, real. Seems silly, now, that line. But it was the most honest line I could write. And it caused a passion for words that I still carry.”

The interview with Laura Lovic-Lindsay can be viewed in its entirety here.

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