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Features a full range of elegant palm leaf dinnerware. Appoints Amazon as exclusive world distributor.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, October 8, 2016, “Thynk Art and Design” has proven that it is possible to be both eco-friendly and elegant at the same time. The launch of their flagship site displays a unique line of dinnerware made from “palm leaves”. Graphic designer Clive Jones and his painter wife Gabrielle have combined their artistic skills to create a range of elegant palm leaf dinnerware that will satisfy the most style and eco-conscious of party hosts, especially for those who want the convenience of disposable plates without worrying about the environment. The duo’s new company is called Thynk Art and Design (TAD) and the products are known simply as Leafplates™. They are celebrating the site launch with a Free copy of their hit eMag Thynkspiration – Fall issue.

The company’s palm tree leaf disposable plates are square shaped and come in 5 handy sizes to suit all needs. There’s a 6 inch plate for appetizers, starters and desserts, an 8 inch plate for smaller meals and a 9.5 inch plate for those preferring more generous portion sizes. They have recently also added a 12 x 7 inch mini platter and a 9 inch round plate to fill out the range. The disposable and fully compostable Leafplates™ are made from fallen palm leaf sheaths, a byproduct of commercial Areca palm plantations in Southern India, which would otherwise have been discarded or burnt. They are specially made for TAD at a nearby unit that guarantees fair wages and conditions and is endorsed by a rural development scheme. The leaves are washed, pressure cleaned and then heat pressed into TAD’s chosen shapes, without using chemicals or resins.

During a recent interview, Clive Jones, co-founder of TAD, made these comments: “The plates look and feel natural and are really beautiful, and because they’re made from leaves, each plate has its own unique shade and pattern, depending on the precise nature and color of the individual sheaths.”

As well as looking so much more stylish than plastic or paper plates, the palm leaf plates are sturdy, heat resistant, leak proof and suitable for both hot and cold foods. They can be put in the fridge, are safe in the microwave and can even be popped in the oven. After use, the plates can be composted and will biodegrade within six to eight weeks. Although they are intended for single use, many people find they can simply wipe them clean and reuse them, depending on the type of food initially served on them. The plates are sold in packs of 20 and are available now on Amazon.com.

For complete information, please visit: Eco-Friendly Dinnerware By Thynk Art and Design