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The premier platform for trading in cell phones and other gadgets, Stopoint, has announced the launch of a new price match program – Match5.

Miami, Florida, October 13, 2016, Trading in used electronics is a great way to earn some extra needed cash. Sadly, many cell phone owners can relate experiences of being swindled when trading in their iPhones, Apple watches and other gadgets. In a moment of desperation, they often feel as though they have no other option but to accept an offer that is far less than the true value of their device.

Stopoint is an electronics reCommerce website that’s challenging the status quo in the industry. The website allows individuals to sell high-end electronics including Apple iPhones, Apple watches, iPad, Macbook, Samsung watches and more without settling for less than the product’s value.

The company’s dynamic Match5 price match program was designed to sweeten the deal for individuals who trade in their used gadgets. The program matches the price offered by any of the Stopoint’s competitors for any device. But that’s not all; In addition to matching the price, Stopoint also adds $5. The way the program works is if a competitor offers $250 for the iPhone 6 (16 GB) and Stopoint offered less, the company matches the $250 and adds $5 more; hence, the customer gets a total of $255.

Stopoint.com boasts an easy, select, ship and pay system that is the quickest and safest way to trade used electronics. All users have to do is create a quote for their product and ship their device to the company within 30 days. Once Stopoint receives the product, the customer is paid within 24 hours via their PayPal account or a check that they will receive within 3 days.

Questioned about the motivation for offering this new program, Managing Director of Stopoint, Ally Simbert explained: “It’s heart rending to hear stories of people who get paid less than what their device is truly worth. The Match5 program will ensure that we always offer the best prices in the market for all of the products we buy.”

Since its establishment Stopoint has built a reputation of honesty, integrity and reliability. One customer summed up the overall experience with the platform. She commented: “I chose Stopoint because they offered me more than anyone else out there, but what amazed me was how fast I received my money. Keep up the good work guys.”

For further information about Stopoint or to sell an Apple iPhone, Apple Watch or other gadgets on the platform, visit: https://www.stopoint.com/about

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