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Annotate! is a set of tools created to provide a streamlined experience for users to make notes and other annotations, while quickly and easily collaborating and sharing with others.

Peoria, Illinois, October 26, 2016, Sometimes all it takes to turn a good idea into a fantastic idea is some ingenuity. Such is the case with the release of Annotate!, which brings the task of making annotations to the next level. Annotate! was created and is maintained by Shea VanLaningham. It is an extension for Google Chrome (Firefox and Edge coming soon) that allows the user to add notes, place pins, draw boxes, and add text directly to any web page and save it to the users account at http://annotate.tech, where all annotations can then be viewed.

This is the initial release of Annotate! and it is free to use. Feedback is welcomed. In the next month more features will be added, such as:

• Sharing annotations with other users
• Collaboration with other users
• New pins
• Updated account UI
• Free Firefox extension
• Free Edge extension

Annotate! was created to assist users in making Accessibility notations, but quickly grew into something much bigger and better. Annotate! is touch friendly and can be used on a touchscreen computer without a mouse and keyboard. This brilliant Google Chrome Extension is great for students and researchers who want to annotate sections of a page to save for later. It has also been warmly embraced by Developers and Designers. Now it’s an easy task to make notes, place emoji pins, highlight text, and highlight elements on the screen to share with other users on the team.

After all, pointing out a specific point on a page can be crucial. Annotate! gives users 40 pins to choose from to convey exactly what they’re thinking. Users can also invert pins and quickly change the size of pins. By simply right clicking on any pin on the page, an ‘Add Notes’ dialog will open. This gives users the ability to add additional notes and recommendations for a full report that can be generated when they’re finished.

For complete information, please visit: http://annotate.tech

Media Contact:

Attn: Shea VanLaningham
Peoria, Illinois