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“Throughout the years we have seen a shift from using the most modern and high tech utensils in our kitchens to going “back to basics” by using Bamboo cutting boards and other utensils made from wood. Bamboo is extremely resistant to bacteria and is non-absorbent.”

San Francisco, California, November 24, 2016, SoulFino has made headlines today with the announcement that they have added a new state-of-the-art cutting board to their product line that is now available for purchase on Amazon.com. SoulFino has carved their name in the industry by always offering products that are of better quality than their competition and at lower prices. SoulFino’s latest product release is no different; An extra large ultra modern bamboo style cutting board that has anti-bacterial and anti-absorbent qualities.

Anyone that has ever cooked before understands the concept that a good cutting board is key to enjoying a good meal. As they say, it starts at the cutting board so why cut corners? SoulFino researched various types of cutting boards for well over a year and the Bamboo cutting board came out victorious. Yes it is true, size does matter, but that is not the only reason that this new cutting board reigns supreme over the thousands that are available on the market. An important factor to consider when buying kitchen related utensils would be the materials used when producing the utensil and if they are safe for the body.

Plastic cutting boards are the source of much debate for two key reasons. Many wonder if plastics can harbor bacteria and if heated could produce harmful toxins. Depending on whom you ask you may get two different answers. However, everyone agrees that Bamboo cutting boards are anti-bacterial, anti-absorbent and eco-friendly.

During a recent trade show, the spokesperson for SoulFino was quoted as saying, “We thought it was a natural fit to use Bamboo for our premium cutting board because of its eco-friendly and its bacteria resistant qualities. It is important to keep our environment in mind while still offering an amazing product that can’t be found anywhere else!”

To learn more about the opportunity to own an extra large Bamboo cutting board by SoulFino, visit their Amazon page by clicking here.

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