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This app will help to master the art of trading, understand where profit opportunities are hiding and what triggers the market to fluctuate. The Trading Game is made by professionals experienced in stock trading, binary options and currency exchange.

London, United Kingdom, February 13, 2017, Imagine performing actual trades without the possibility of losing any money. Many people learn about financial trading the hard way, by losing money. The trick is to learn from professionals experienced in all forms of trading. And also to be able to go through the motions in real time and see if there is a profit or loss. This is the right way to approach the financial trading arena. It will no doubt be an easier experience now that Finance Illustrated has launched their much anticipated “Trading Game App”. This Free Trading App makes it fun and easy to learn from basics to advanced concepts of investing in things like: Stocks, Forex, Oil, Bitcoin, Gold and others.

The “Trading Game App” is setup to be just like the user interfaces with any large investment firm. Industry insiders call this app a game changer in the way people can learn how to develop their own well-informed trading strategies. While no money can be lost playing this game, it’s always important to keep in mind that money is at risk in this trading arena. While many people have made handsome profits, many people have not. The fact is that by just downloading this free app and having some fun can improve chances of success by up to 73%. This app features several sections not ever seen before on one mobile application.

Gain experience in:

Stock Market Trading – Practice stock trading and currency exchange with authentic & precise market quotes.
Build A Diversified Trading Portfolio – Trade Stocks & follow other instruments like gold prices.
Interactive & Fun Trading Quizzes – Test your knowledge of currency exchange & stock trading.
Create A Personalized Profile – Check your stock market game results and set new, higher records.
Unique Educational Lessons – Study the basics of currency exchange and stock trading that are vital for beginners.

Learn Advanced Skills:

• Most common currency exchange and options trading Terminology
• Proven Currency exchange Fundamentals & Indicators
• Best Strategies in Stock market game with Chart Patterns
• Comparison of Forex, Stock trading, Gold, Oil & Cryptocurrencies
• How Gold prices and Crude Oil prices game correlate with currency exchange
• Tips On Becoming a Profitable Trader in the Long-Term

The “Trading Game App” is available in the Google App Store for Android Versions 4.4 and up. Soon to be available in iOS. Advance user reviews have been phenomenal. Take a look at what Rolands B. had to say: “I can finally earn some big bucks, thanks, bro.” And Ansi A. said “Loved the mix of honesty and fun factor in forex lessons.”

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