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Chapel Hill, North Carolina, August 24, 2017, Digital marketing agency PixelPoynt recently introduced an annual scholarship contest designed to recognize and support the leaders of tomorrow, specifically those making contributions to the digital marketplace and/or working on big ideas to improve life for others. The contest winner receives a $1,000 scholarship that can be used to pay for higher education, as well as the opportunity to intern with PixelPoynt.

In order to be eligible to receive the PixelPoynt scholarship, entrants must be students currently enrolled in high school, college, university, or trade school. Students must submit a 2-5-minute video of themselves discussing what motivates them to strive for greatness, as well as their opinions on how ideas help to shape the world and why education is an essential part of creating a successful future.

Students are encouraged to include examples of their own efforts to innovate, guide, and help others, as well as ideas they have for future endeavors. Entries are rated based not only on the information provided, but on how creative and compelling videos are. Students are expected to present their personal beliefs and experiences in innovative ways within presentations. Creativity and overall persuasiveness are just as important as providing necessarily information.

PixelPoynt’s goal in presenting this annual scholarship contest is to identify and reward students interested in using their social influence, digital prowess, and innovative ideas to change the world around them and improve it for future generations. The company wants to support outstanding individuals who are dedicated to education, but are willing to think outside the box and solve problems in new and interesting ways. Students are encouraged to think about how they can contribute to their industry and the world, including coming up with real-life strategies.

PixelPoynt wants to make a difference in the world, and the company values innovation and creativity within their industry. The PixelPoynt Scholarship Contest is designed to reward these same traits in students by providing them with funding for higher education and opportunities to earn real-world experience through an internship with a leading digital marketing agency. The PixelPoynt Scholarship Contest aims to promote student leadership and encourage innovation and altruism.

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