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Venga Global offers second generation website translation tools that represent the state-of-the-art in bringing together technology and live linguists for superior results.

San Francisco, California, September 12, 2017, Website translation can be a very cumbersome task. Very often the results are marginal to poor. Everybody has seen translations on web pages that clearly did not represent the original verbiage. The use of Google or Bing-like translators is time consuming and can only be considered as a starting point. Live human linguists are the only way to put out a superior quality translation so that when a website is viewed it makes sense and is not an embarrassment.

It took companies like Venga Global to usher in the next generation of website translation management solutions. Already a global leader in the website translation arena, Venga was pleased to announce the release of “Gateway Connect”, a well designed CMS connector for Adobe Experience Manager and their Translation Management System. Gateway Connect eliminates the time consuming manual steps such as the manual transfer of a multitude of files to the translation company. They in turn must transfer the files into a CMS and return the translations, which then need to be placed correctly where they belong. With Gateway Connect, the translation of all of the websites’ assets can be managed at the same time. This means saving time and money, and provides faster access to expert linguists to work on your web pages.

Venga Global’s goal was to provide a seamless integration of automated content detection and high-end translation results. With Gateway Connect, users enjoy both a cost and time-efficient methodology to translate their website no matter what its existing platform and architecture are.

Here are some of the outstanding benefits:

• Create a friendly environment for internal teams to request, track and deploy translations
• Eliminate time-consuming manual file transfers and emails
• Know the status of your translation project at all times
• Quickly identify and send content updates for translation
• Adapt content via either human translation or machine translation + human post-editing
• Slash once intensive, time-consuming eight-step processes by up to 50%
• Enjoy all of these features at minimal cost and free of complex, lengthy integration timelines

Getting a project started with Gateway Connect could not be simpler, just select the files to be translated, choose the languages, and send the request to Gateway Connect. What used to take hours now takes minutes, putting your files in our expert translators’ hands faster. A company spokesperson explains: “Once in Gateway Connect, your texts will go through workflows set up specifically for your translation to ensure that they meet your needs exactly. Our expert translators at Venga translate and localize your web page, assisted by automated translation technologies and translation memory tools that help deliver consistently high-quality translations. By automating lower-level tasks and using technologies that learn from past translations to produce new texts, Gateway Connect for AEM saves you money where it counts.”

For complete information, please visit http://www.vengaglobal.com/

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