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Red Pill Coins is not a currency controlled by governments or banks. Red Pill is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is owned, operated and re-distributed by the People.

Los Angeles, California, October 5, 2017, Citizens of the world are living in hectic times. Governments fall, war can breakout at any time and acts of terror have become commonplace. It is imperative that people stand-up for their own financial wellbeing and not rely on government entities. One need only take a look at what happened in Greece and Venezuela. Fortunately, the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency revolution is here to save all those savvy people who do not want to fall victim to political upheaval and other situations beyond their control. Imagine waking up in the morning to the news that you can’t get your money out of the bank. This has happened before, and it is happening today.

Therein lies the difference between centralized control and decentralized control. Cryptocurrency is part of a decentralized ledger hosted on a blockchain. This means that it is controlled by the people, not any one single entity like a government or central bank. The records of transactions, called Smart Contracts, cannot be edited. This is the most secure form of financial system ever conceived. What was needed was a cryptocurrency platform that would incorporate all of the features and benefits, and that is what “Red Pill” is proposing in their ICO. The response to their ICO Sale has been phenomenal as people understand all of the potential of the Red Pill Coin.

Make no mistake about it, Red Pill will dominate this segment of the cryptocurrency movement. There is a reason why countries like China and Vietnam are trying to ban cryptos……because they cannot control it. They are learning that they also cannot ban it without banning the Internet. Anybody with an Internet connection can be part of the blockchain revolution, and it is anonymous. A person can access their funds from anywhere on the planet.

Don’t just sit back and wait for the banks to chain the doors to your house, disable cash dispensing at the ATM’s, and take away everything that you’ve worked a lifetime to build. Now you can protect yourself with Red Pill coin, a crypto currency developed to enable peer to peer currency transfers.

With Red Pill, you are the bank. There is no middle man. You can securely send and receive Red Pills which can be stored on virtually any device.

An article about Venezuela in Forbes.com supports cryptocurrency as a recession-proof currency: “As the bolivar continues to fall, many Venezuelans are turning to Bitcoin as an alternative. Humanitarians can donate Bitcoin to those in need, who can then use Bitcoin to buy Amazon gift cards, then purchase goods through the online retailer.”

For complete information, please visit: https://redpillcoin.com/ico/

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